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  • deepharbor deepharbor Jul 8, 2008 3:02 PM Flag

    playing card business

    jarden bought US playing card for 232 million in Feb 07, promissed not to move the company, got a nice pop from the business when they came out with the "Iraqi most Wanted" deck (4 million sold),

    since then however sales I believe have been lackluster, gotta fire all the workers and go automate to try and compete for the next 100 years (like there will still be cards in a hundred years)

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    • One word for this very poorly thought out prediction that playing cards will one day not exist.....
      I dearly hope you have a day job in something OTHER than market based profit, since your lack of vision and understanding of it's basics border on the moronic.
      There will always be playing cards in some form or another. Man is an animal that likes risk and participating in games and competition that involves risk.
      Gambling is one such activity.
      Vegas, Monte Carlo, Atlantic city and countless other gaming towns will not go quietly into the night.
      They are profit-mills that generate phenomenal cash flow and income, and will continue to do so. Even in the worst economic conditions, there is gambling.

      Playing cards are a MAJOR and iconic part of this.

      Please tell me you have a job in something OTHER than the street, I worry you will be eating cat food and dumpster dining with your level of knowledge in the markets.

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