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  • omaha_gil omaha_gil Sep 5, 2008 8:20 AM Flag

    One day very soon, this POS

    is gonna take a big dive

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    • When are you and all of your slippery, slimy short friends going to move on to something else? Your character assassinations and content-less posts are getting boring. Go back under your rock, like deepharbor did.

      Walmart reported this week that camping sales have been strong. Coleman's presentation in Walmart and other mass looks great.

      • 1 Reply to smallcapchap2000
      • smallcapchap, now you sound very silly and naive indeed. I definitely do not believe in character assignation but do you think if someone questions the direction, motives and character of management that makes them slippery and slimy? How long have you been an investor chap? There have been many frauds and misbehaviors that have occurred and continue to occur in the corporate world and on wall street and its naive to ignore that. I posted a clip from a 10k/A filing made my Jarden about a very generous stock award to Jonathan Franklin, the brother of Martin Franklin the CEO of Jarden. Do you think that questioning this grant is slimy? I think all shareholders should be concerned where the cash flows go. I just would like to know what this guy has done to deserve this award? I think its a very valid question. I don't think most compliance managers get such awards.

        Also, this stock is where it was 4 years ago. I feel its normal to question the direction and strategy of this management team. Clearly their M&A, roll up and leverage up strategy stopped working 4 years ago, however Martin Franklin and team continue to be awarded serious stock compensation. They seem to cash out on stock even though the stock is at the same levels it was 4 years ago. Isn't it time for a change in strategy? If Martin was simply an investor in this company I bet he would be demanding some changes of senior management. I also question if he was paying the salary to a non relative compliance manager out of his own pocket that he would give the guy a $400,000 stock award.
        Lets hear what you think chap.

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