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  • 1sarkash Apr 4, 2013 3:02 PM Flag

    Jarden makes junk.. all junk. They buy companies and cheapen them to death

    bought several small appliances from Sunbeam, Crockpot, and Villaware. All are #$%$ and made severely cheaply. Now it's happening with Marmot with duck down. This is what they do... make things cheaper to make more money. And they could care less about environment implications or child labor and sweat shops.

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    • A friend is in the building trade. Due to expansion of his business, he has needed to buy new tools. One of those sets of tools he bought is the Crawford-Lehigh sawhorse brackets that come in pairs. What Jarden has done is replace these in home building centers, like Home Depot, with completely assembled sawhorses costing about 5 times more, and not nearly as sturdy or versatile. The previous brackets were made of structural foamed plastic costing about $13 per pair at retail. Jarden supplied sawhorses now cost about $50.

      Structural plastic brackets require the addition of 2x4 studs for the legs cut to the required length. The cost is under $10 for cheap lumber bringing the total cost to under $25 for newly purchased lumber. But our contractor friend always has 2x4 studs available as scrap. Many building centers will give away short lengths of scrap, around 36 inches, just to get rid of it.

      This is a theme throughout American business enterprise where the crooks at the top do not provide added value to their customers, but instead find ways to destroy it and line their pockets in the process. Of course the overall biggest way most companies that manufacture are doing this is to outsource to China.

      Another person replying to your post requested a comparison to other companies, implying that, so what, everyone else is doing the same thing. This is a race to the bottom that will not end well.

      In the past quality American products were in demand. Now everything has a ‘MADE IN CHINA” label. The Chinese Communist paradigm will never replace what previously existed in the United States where marketing decisions were made from the bottom up, instead of from the top down, thus creating increased wealth for everyone. Occupants of executive suites of American corporations today would save all of us a lot of grief if instead they occupied jail cells. They are a security threat that Edward Snowden is not in his attempt to support the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution.

    • Could you give us some info on why you think JAH cares any less than any other average corporation in regard to child labor and environmental concerns? Thanks.

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