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  • tubman_71753 tubman_71753 Mar 29, 2001 5:44 PM Flag

    Yes, they r that stupid, m_out61!!!

    I did some research and found that it is true--Alltrista is dumb enough to vacate a building and continue to pay rent on it---WITHOUT having someone to sublease it. This is EXACTLY what they are doing in a place called El Dorado, AR. It seems that they bought out Viking Industries and then drove that business into the dumps---closed the facility and moved it to Auburndale, FL. Why??? Who the hell knows. Now, they continue to pay lease payments to the old owner of Viking
    Plastics. Also, another building close by---my source tells me. (???) So I guess they are stupid enough to close the tech center without having someone to sublease it. Doublewides???--how ironic--I wonder if they will have BetterBath bathtubs in them??? Ha/Ha

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    • You can count me out of the list that would go back if called. In fact, I think every person in the U.S. and Canada should take all of their hoarded pennies back to the bank and flood the market so Alltrista can't sell another one of their beloved blanks.

    • M_out61, Would you really bring back the fired people or would you re-structure too. Triangle needed to clean house but still needed support to be a viable business. It really boils down to where old management did not react to financial pointers and if you dont know how to cost cut internally you do it externally. Trienda went through the internal cost cutting years ago and proved they could re-act and still support. Problem is Alltrista chased off Trienda's executive management too. Current management is probally struggling to understand all the different faucets of both business's entities. This would be a big job and one division will suffer, what they need is someone in Portage that understands Triangles OEM business cycle. We don't have to be an accountant or engineer to figure this out. Who would you bring back M_out61? initials will work

    • I with you, m_out61!!!

    • And now we find out they lie too. Since the reason they said they closed out the ElDorado operation was because the lease was coming to a close and they didn't want to renew it. If that is the case, then the Oelwein facility will be closing soon too.

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