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  • goldbudus goldbudus Apr 23, 2001 5:05 PM Flag


    Is today's upturn in price due to rumors circulating that Triangle Plastics got nailed for software piracy?

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    • It is kind of amazing as we chatter, their stock is up to 15.75 with over 18000 trading. Seems rather busy, wonder what some know that we don't. Or is this a time that the Bd. of Dir. get to buy at a nice dicount and sell in a cuple of days for a nice profit. No they wouldn't do that, their only interested in the survival and well being of this company, right.

    • I think we are in total agreement on the subject. Anyone that had any seat time there and wasn't part of the inner circle could see exactly what was going on. As far as what Alltrista knows or didn't know, sources tell me that this webboard is being monitored (as well as any e-mail going in or out of Triangle/Trienda), so they are well aware of what is being said. Which returns us to the original premise, why would anyone invest money in a company that would spend 148 mill on a company that obviously was teetering on the brink of destruction? And if you spent 148 mill on a company, why not try to save it? Instead it would appear that all decisions made seem bent on the destruction of the two companies. In doing more research on this company's track record, it makes me wonder whose best interest they are working for. A publically held company with stockholders have a fiduciary duty to the stockholders. I may be wrong but I have yet seen a decision made that I feel is in my best interests. A roll of toilet paper is worth more than my stock.

    • No I never said J.B. was a master salesman, but he defiantly was when he sold to Alltrista. I said or intended to say he ruled completely, he was in charge. As far as the word getting out of what went on in those plants, I don't think Alltrista has a clue to this day, nor do they care. And the good ole boy numbers are quite small in the management area. So it don't require as many knife's now adays.

    • What can you say? J.B. was a master salesman. If someone waived 148 mill in my face, I would tell them anything they wanted to hear. If Alltrista would have sent people in to look at the day to day operations right off the bat, they would have seen for their selves, what they bought. Why else do you think that the gag order was issued that allowed no one other than a select few people to communicate to Alltrista? They knew that if the word got out of what was really going on, Alltrista might have started looking a little closer at what was going on.( Of course, I'm making an assumption that they honestly cared.)
      I'm really glad to hear that the "good ol boy" network is still firmly in place. Now they can take turns back-stabbing and finger-pointing at each other now instead of anyone that doesn't live in Independence or doesn't promptly fall to their knees in homage whenever Jim or Randy drive down the street. Any know if the grain farm is hiring?

    • You can both thank your lucky stars you are no longer employed by Alltrista. Those of us left have to either play the game or get burned. I'd rather not play the game, but until I can make a million dollars drinking beer and chasing the pie around, I'm stuck.

    • Come on now, there can not be any one on the face of the earth that if given the choice to pick up 148 mil. or face your problems (even if you created them), couldn't figure out what to do. This is a no brainer. You would think that Alltrista with there Bd. of Dir. and etc., should have been able to see some of the problems with management and sells up front. I can not believe they had no fore knowledge of existing problems. If they didn't, then o well that gives credibility to all these letters. This team is stupid. As far as the good ole boy network, it still exist and probably will all the way to the end. Arrogance and power seekers at their finist or so they think. Remember what goes around comes around and it will come around. It always does. So don't stand to close , you may get splattered with something.

    • Spare us! Why do you think he took the money and ran when he had the chance? He realized the error he made and when given the choice of 148 million or admitting he made a mistake, he took the money and let Alltrista do the dirty work for him.
      If you want to call the political backbiting and down right dirty tricks and lying, Triangle business logic, then you truly are living in a dream world. There was more decisions made after hours than during working hours. And not healthy decisions either, they were made strictly in the self-interest of the people concerned. There were several people who functioned in the misgotten belief that they were helping the company, only to find out that they were targets of malicious lies, rumors, and half-truths when the ol gang got together.
      I'll have to admit good ol G.O.D. trained his troops well. Do they have a line at the unemployment office for sycophants and trained lapdogs?

    • I agree, it was J.B.'s to win or lose. He run a tight ship. He called all the shoots. Thats where part of the problem come in. His form of business did not cultivate a management team that grew as an experience team. They did as he said and judged decisions as he would want it. Thats what your suppose to do, but you don't get the hands on like you should. When Triangle sold, this same team that had no knowledge or experience on running a business without a guarding angel and the Alltriata crew, well what can you say, They sure didn't either. So we had two merging teams come together that has spent over two years recking a company and peoples lifes. So with this formula you get rule by arrogance and you end up with this situation. Hey, what can you say it's only money!!!!!

    • You might think JB was worse than the clowns in charge now, but he had balls enough to make decisions and follow through with them. Thats more than can be said about the Alltrista gang. Dont forget who trashed the company, because it wasn't JB. As for JB selling out, I think anybody would jump at a chance to make several million. Its like selling a Ford Pinto for $50,000, you cant pass it up.

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