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  • wizardofahhhs2000 wizardofahhhs2000 May 19, 2001 7:01 PM Flag

    Thanks for the

    Hello all. My first time to post a message. I usually don't bother with this sort of thing but I feel compelled to say a few words. I was terminated from one of Alltrista's companies recently and I am just amazed at what I see going on. Several of us were cut. Mostly because we have high paying jobs. Nothing to do with our skills or how we contribute. The remaining people were asked to take a 20% pay cut to help out the "cause". The cause being a last ditch effort by Tom C. and one of his ass kissers to make the bottom line appear better before the Marlin folks take over. Well, I have news for you fellows. It's not gonna work. No matter how much you try to "fudge" the numbers, the facts are the same. Years of mismanagement CANNOT be covered up by a few last minute desperate acts. What you've done to some people, recruit, promise, relocate, then terminate for no legitimate reason, borderlines being illegal. Our attorney will know for sure. Most of us quit good jobs, sold our homes, worked hard for you and then you just dump us without just cause. Well, we all have some consolation in knowing you are going to get yours. Now, don't take me wrong. Some of the folks who got the ax well deserved it. But, some of us didn't. A lot who did deserve it are still working. That is until the folks at Marlin step in.

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    • So what your saying is that J.B. didn't have control of the decisions in the Tech Center. That is a new twist, J.B. had control of everything that was going on. If you knew him you knew that. The bad decisions were made after Blin. That belongs on the head of an inexperienced management team and Bd. of Dir. that had no knowledge of this industry or ability to run it. The proof is in the pudding, how can you argue any other way. Blin was very skilled and lucky to sell when he did. But a good Bd of Dir. would and should have picked up on this. They didn't and to compound the problem, they hired people without any knowledge of this industry to try to run the business by using a few suck ups on the inside as their experienced guides to success. Well obviously this has failed and how can you argue this. Yes there are some good people in the plants, but there still is some people in the management team that have to go to make the changes for recovery.

    • Hmmm
      I think the "Yoko's" that blyn had making the decisions in the plants were okay. It was the decisions made within the walls of the "tech center" that usually caused harm. speaking BB and AB.
      (Before blyn and after blyn)
      Those "Yoko's" in the plants were good people.
      And, there are still "some" there.
      Speaking of was probably the introduction of the "tech center" that started the decline of TPI... If you ask me, engineering/sales belongs in the facilities, especially the ones far away.
      That's all for now.

    • That is because Alltrista didn't care enough or have enough sense to put an inside person in the plants that had knowledge of what was going on. So you had the same yokos running the place and making key decisions that Blin held in line when he owned the company. So they also are the ones with the help of the trusting but still absent Bd. of Dir. making decsions and destroying a company. The only good thing is they are starting to eat themselves, because they to have been sized down, but to little to late. This is no secret

    • Interesting point of view nopennies01. It is true that Triangle was always a very secretive company. When you are privately held, you can do that. But when Alltrista took over the secrets should have stopped! But they kept things as they were and it got worse. I beleive that is one of the main reasons so many good people left looooonnnng before the hatchet work really got started. If the good people wanted all the secrets, they could just got to work as a double "O" agent for the Brits.

    • I've been watching this thread for awhile. I have to agree, why is a subsidiary of a publically held company have all these secrets? I've never had any dealings with this Triangle Plastics, but the more I read, the more I'm glad I don't. Nor do I think I would allow my company to deal with them. If this is an example of how their employees are treated, I would hate to be a customer.

    • Heloise is a nationally syndicated columm in the newspaper media. Sorry I made the assumption that it was common knowledge.
      What purpose would it serve for me to reveal my identity to you? Would you like to try to skewer me some more? If you're always in the right, what difference does it make of what my opinions are or who I am? Why this overwhelming compunction to not only make personal attacks against people inside the company but also to try to reach out and attack people who no longer work there? Why is it as soon as something bad happens, the defense reflex causes you to try to assign blame on external sources? I think everyone is well aware of the fact that as soon as the news of the software audit hit the street, the finger-pointing started. No one thought to look internally. I feel no need for personal vindication, I tried to do my best to help Triangle while I worked there, and the people who know my identity also are aware of that fact. But you're post does in fact provide me some vindication, as you have chosen to attempt to make a personal attack against me, where most people would have made the attempt to defend their company and the decisions it has made. Expose bad management? Don't have to, you're doing fine on you're own. Actually, my true motive is to try to get some answers to some of the questions that I have posted on here time and again. But alas, to no avail.
      I think the better question is, what does Alltrista stand to lose, by not answering these questions? Why the veil of security? I've not asked anything that a stockholder does not have a right to know. Nor have I stated anything that has been refuted by anyone within the company. Instead what I have seen is what the Modus Operandi has always been, attacking another person in the hopes of making yourself look better. I really get a kick out of these "move on with you're life" posts. In fact, it seems like everytime some posts on of these or a pro-Triangle or pro-Alltrista posts, people come out of the woodwork to bash these posts. Could it be that you're activities have caused a lot of people to have negative feelings toward the company and the persons working there? Sounds to me it's time for someone to make a list of friends and enemies, and then figure out why the enemies list is longer.

    • Whom is Heloise? Do you really believe posting on this board will help vindicate yourself or expose bad management? If so, why not expose yourself instead of hiding behind misc identity? What would you have to lose? Where do you work now and what do you do there?

    • Must be blood in the water in Triangle land again. HR Witch? That's not a very nice thing to say about another survivor. Knew it was only a matter or time before the blades started flashing close to home.
      Of course, in typical Triangle fashion, not knowing who you are addressing, you throw another lie on the pile.
      Helpful hint from Heloise: When working on you're resume, please use proper punctuation and grammer. You should have said, "What did you and Gold do to help this company? Surf?"
      (Unless of course, J.B. has promised to get you a made up position at John Deere also.)
      It also will come in handy at the drive-through when you ask "Do you want fries with that?"

    • Plasticswoman you must be lame, to send this msg. defending Mr. Polyester. You know where he's at, where ever the big guns are , thats where he is, right along with you. Selling every good idea you taken from everyone else to them as your own. If not that then, putting together another plan on how to destroy a company in less then three years. No body said goals and drive isn't good. I believe everyone should have them to succeed in this world today. But you should accomplish these goals on your own merits. Not like the vultures and leaches that thrive on others or drive that is created from ruthless ambition. Your to transparent. What I did or do for this company really doesn't matter now. I worked hard and contributed on ny merits. I just spoke out to freely with the truth and never surfed then or now.

    • I agree with you, Wizard. What goes around comes around.

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      • I also agree with you, unlike the two flowery suckups for Alltrista in the previous messages. People have commited their lives to working hard and trying to contribute to this compay, so a bunch of yokos can run it in the ground. I'm sorry if you don't like the name calling and the truth, but lives were interrupted and plans altered. That does cause for some hard feelings, that aren't easy to erase. We also have friends and associates left behind that are in the same boat we were in before we were layed off. I understand that some of you heartless characters don't care about what happens to others life, except for your postions and will do anything to protect them. But implying that we should just walk away and not look back or care is beyond most of the people that have left. Put the label where it belongs he and/or she, we do care and you very obviously don't care for anything but your flowery future!!

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