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  • scleung scleung May 21, 2012 8:09 AM Flag

    What do you think about this

    CNBC said FB was forced to go public because they have more than 500 shareholders. Do you believe that is the REAL reason? I think this is another one of those Suckerberg B.S.

    Like many other startup companies and I think FB is no exception. Suckerberg's employees worked hard for peanuts and expect the big pay day to come once they are allowed to exercise their options. If FB doesn't go pubic, how are the employees gong to get their big pay day? FB going public is inevitable. It has to happen otherwise, their employees would either go on strike or quit.

    You can expect this in the near future. More shares will get dumped into the market by the employees. Stock options is a great way for Suckerberg to get people working for him and the shareholders end up paying the salary. Isn't this a great financial scam? Imagine you could open up a business and let someone else pay your employees' salary.

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