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  • mahabalipuram2003 mahabalipuram2003 May 21, 2012 6:39 PM Flag

    FB pricing

    Wow! so many FB pricing bashers! I hardly read any one speaking positively about FB pricing. Back in 2000 dotcom bubble everyone was throwing money on dotcom firms who had just A website. They never feared if they could ever make money. Does these folks know how to price or invest themselves ?.
    We humans survived on planet earth because we socialize. If animals do same, dinosaurs could have ruled earth for ever and we may have not existed !
    Facebook connected us virtually in all social networks. It is a evolution from physical social network to virtual social network.
    It is not up to determine FB valuations merely on assets, profits. We NEED to give them time to grow!. They just came out as IPO!. Do you really want bash them and kill all of it, just because FB was not priced correctly ?. Paper valuations are merely artificial. How does it matter to us if it is 100B$ or 500B$ company?. Did we not learn our lessons from past?

    Alas! thanks to fb, I can connect to all my family/friends since from childhood.

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