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  • my_views_on_this_topic my_views_on_this_topic May 22, 2012 6:27 PM Flag

    My views on FB

    1 billion users? That would be a joke if it was not for the fact that people are roaming around with more than one profile to perform different kind of activities, like gaming, friends, families, trolling, developer test profiles, multiple profiles to provide comments in countries where opinions are censored, etc, not to forget "active" users like peoples cats, dogs, snakes, rabbits, underage kids, view-my-pretty-babies who cannot type, etc. I wonder if even a 100 million would a realistic estimate.

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    • beautifully stated your views my_views_on_this_topic ! LoL! :-)

    • Get gullible investors to give it you in mass quantity. Each shareholder thinks they will only lose a few dollars or a few hundred dollars, but in reality, they are all collectively losing their peace (and piece) of mind and giving rise to inflation by spending on useless items without adequate research.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • The FB Gifts product was introduced around two year ago with much pomp and fanfare. However after a disasterous failure, the functionality was stopped and removed from FB.

      Now suddenly it is reinstated back because FB is looking at all options to trickle in their revenue, even failed products, just to keep tricking any unsuspecting investor into sending more money their way.

      FB will never grow as much as the shareholders who are invested in it and who are not selling expect it to.

      Did anyone really not think there would be a big hue and cry about their fake 1 billion user mark? A lot of us were waiting for it since a while now.

      They still do not have any numbers on,
      " How many real *** MEDIAN ACTIVE *** people (not users with multiple accounts, but real living human beings) used Facebook this year (numbers needed on a day basis, not week, not month, though if all three can be provided all the better) ? "

      FB is a farce. The insiders will do everything in their power to pump out as much as they can from gullible investors. Nothing in the past 7 years have pointed otherwise (development, tracking included, fake clicks, fake users, and disability of users to cancel their accounts IMMEDIATELY included). FB needs to be investigated by the SEC and FBI. If phone tapping is a federal crime, why is FB allowed to track users from one site on another site? None of their privacy policies said they were doing this. FB should be made an example of how tech companies are moving in the wrong direction currently.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • (For those of you who have not yet read this article, replace dut cum and remove spaces in the link below)

      bloomberg (dut) cum /news/2012-10-10/facebook-s-sec-letters-can-only-help-investors-before-ipo.html?cmpid=yhoo.view

      As Bloomberg News reported, the SEC released a cache of correspondence between the agency and Facebook Inc. (FB) on June 15, 20 business days after the company went public in a ballyhooed initial public offering.

      The letters depict a management team that lacked experience, was intent on withholding useful performance metrics and was reluctant to cooperate with the agency’s demands for fuller disclosure.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • The only ones buying this POS are the underwriters. When they start to sell, it will be a trip to hell. After all they have no interest in holding losses long term. They have been supporting this useless ticker down from it's highs of $45.

      Any gullible investor who fails to see this and continues to hold or "double down" will realize it when they are hit hard. Make no mistake,
      . Employees will want to sell
      . Underwriters will want to sell
      . Zuck will want to sell.

      We will have to write a new deadline to the lockup expiry (Oct 2013 - 500 MILLION SHARES MORE COMING WHEN ITS ZUCKs TURN TO TRY AND PROFIT FURTHER).
      FB is just looking at doling out very long and very harsh hurting.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • What is taking FB so long to monetize its user base with it being touted as a $104 billion company (and by some pessimist estimates on this board a laughable TRILLION dollar company). FB has a hoarde of developers. If anyone believes that they have not figured out a way to do it for now, then think again. Why? Because there are scores of company out there that have net worth of less than 10 million THAT ARE DOING IT RIGHT NOW and running profitably.
      Not to say they have been doing it for years, but they started after FB and have done it (research it).

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Can users write to Yahoo and have them fix their bug on the FB message board which does not allow us to select something worse than a "Strong Sell" when sending out an FB post.
      Companies like FB have been given the right to deserve that category.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Excellent posts. Suckie the liar will continue to promise you the sky so he can pump up Flakebook and dump $Billions for his own gain. Not on my watch!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • (replace dut , cum , slsh with you-know-what. Also remove spaces)

      blogs-images dut forbes dut cum slsh kashmirhill slsh files slsh 2012 slsh 09 slsh Facebook-VS-offer.jpg

      When You Learn More Than You Want To Know About Your Facebook Friends

      When businesses are a little too eager to tell the world about your interactions with them this is what happens:

      Via a Twitter user who wrote,
      .Uhhh, Facebook told me an older gentlemen I know claimed an offer for free lace panties from Victoria’s Secret. I don’t need to know that.

      Neither Victorias Secret nor the older gentleman responded to a request for comment.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • For the ones who constantly asked why LNKD could have 700+x PE as compared to FB 70+x P/X

      LNKD is just as bad as FB (could be worse than FB, though I have not studied the specs of the stock).

      However, IMO, there are two points in the favor of LNKD.

      1- FB was already at its highs and in a declining stage, since a year, when it went IPO. That may (or may not) be the case for LNKD.

      Here is a simplified example,
      If a vendor has just invented a pen that writes underwater and he has sold 10 pens, there is still a big potential for growth. Now consider that the vendor has already sold a billion pens, the potential for growth lowers.

      LNKD with 175 million users may have potential of growing 5x if compared against FBs almost 1 billion touted users.

      2- The total number of outstanding shares is unreasonable with FB as compared to LNKD. Even with the 100 million outstanding shares of LNKD and close 1000x P/E, LNKD is valued at $12 billion.

      Meanwhile, Zuck continues to issue more shares to the losses of the shareholders, while they have no say in the way he runs his company down to the ground. He has made $1.2 billion already, so only his greed for more could perhaps determine how he plays the rest of the shareholders and employees to his own profits.

      Kudos to him at 28 years for commanding a flock of gullible people to buy into something he created out of air and which still has an unviable business model (yes mobile and desktops ads included).

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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