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  • a.strong41 a.strong41 May 30, 2012 3:45 PM Flag


    Will is doing okay. A little rocky, as should be expected. He's a young man coming to terms when his sexuality, and that is a rough road to travel. Sammy is at least coming to grips with her son's homosexuality.

    I'll try to get you up to speed with a quick synopsis: Nicole is pregnant with EJ's baby, but Nicole and Raef are pretending that Raef is the father to keep EJ out of the picture. Raef and Carrie are in love, but Carrie is pregnant with her husband's baby, Austin, and wants to make the marriage work. Lukas came back to Salem from Hong Kong, and sparks are flying between he and Sammy. I'm thinking they'll bed each other before Friday's episode.

    Alexandra (Stefano's daughter) has a brain tumor. She's dying right before my eyes, and it tough to watch. Alexandra is trying to make sure there is peace among all family members before she croaks. Her husband, Abraham, is falling apart, but needs to keep it together for the sake of their autistic son, Theo.

    Daniel can no longer perform surgery because of his Parkinson's, so he now does medical tests...he confirmed both Nicole's pregnancy and Alexandra's brain tumor.

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    • jarvis1971 May 30, 2012 4:04 PM Flag

      Thank you for the update. I haven’t seen “Days” in over 15 years when the lady folk in my home watched it. I followed the plot more than I let on too! LOL. That Sammy and Lukas seemed liked they were cut from the same cloth and probably are soul mates. I hope they create another child together if they end up making love again. I guess FB is a little useful. I never would have known what is going on in Will’s life on “Days” without out it ! LOL

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