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  • dr.hotstock dr.hotstock May 30, 2012 6:23 PM Flag

    10 Reasons WHY FB is An OTC-PK. SCAM In Disguise

    1. Billions of issued shares

    2. No stock certificates authorized

    3. "CEO" is NOT a capable CEO, i.e. no clue

    4. Price movement has NO support at any level

    5. Little or no transparency


    6. In your face PUMP-N-DUMP


    7. A parade of law suits (already in progress)

    8. Floating more and more shares for naked
    short selling (coming soon)

    9. Reverse splits out of no where (coming soon)

    10. Announcements of "acquisitions" and "roll-
    outs" that NEVER come to furition -OR- have
    no chance of increasing stock value.
    Otherwords, more hype to get people excited
    and part with their hard earned money.


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    • christianegeskov Dec 5, 2012 7:59 AM Flag


    • Mr. Zuckerberg's "day of reckoning" straight ahead. It's going to clobber him when he's least expected....."silver bracelets."

    • fruition.

    • Some of you who are paying attention, see the light. Others are willing to kill anyone who says anything "negative" about this "company", even though they are VERY DEEP UNDER WATER, and despite the FACT that Mr. Zuckerberg has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to say to his faithful shareholders who made him an INSTANT MULTI-BILLIONAIRE!

      Not a single PEEP from him. This in and of itself is the EXACT BEHAVIOR of a con man, i.e. remains out of communication from those he has stolen from, pretending to be their "friend" and doing right by them.

      Mr. Zuckerberg needs to be indicted for multiple counts of FRAUD and embezzlement on Federal Charges, which is very likely forthcoming....keep watching.


    • Thanks for the warning. You are a righteous man. God bless you!

      • 1 Reply to pass777over
      • For those of you who have already LOST a substantial amount of money in FB, need to keep this in mind. Sell off your position, immediately. This is not a failure, it is being wise and breaking the spell of Mr. Zuckerberg's GREED along with those who used him to accomplish their deeds. You can always write off your total trading loses up to $3,000.00 per year on a Schedule D, indefinitely. Check with your tax man. So in reality, if you have lost money in FB, you actually created a tax credit. So, you are still ok. But don't allow this guy to continue to bleed you. It's not worth it now, nor in the future. IMO, I discern that Mr. Zuckerberg is going to soon be indicted on multiple counts of fraud and consipiracy to defraud banking institutions and shareholders. It wouldn't surprise me at all. There is already talk about the possibility of him have to appear before Congress. Do you know what kind of people have had to appear before Congress??? Hint: Did you ever watch the movie GodFather??? Enough said.

    • Do you think I should sell Now?

    • Don't insult Pink Sheet companies, TMMI is already up 1200% from a year ago. At least it has a future because actually own its technology.

    • I know MANY of you don't see this, and you think it's a JOKE!

      Well, that's EXACTLY what being a SCAM VICTIM is all about.

      How do you think people feel that have ALREADY LOST MILLIONS OF DOLLARS over this PHONY company?? Huh??

      Notice how the more you hold a position in FB, the MORE it BLEEDS, but YET, it was suppose to be the "POSTER CHILD" OF WALL STREET, a "once in a life time opportunity" like Microsoft, right?? If you perceive this, you are CONFUSED and BLIND to the REALITY of this SCAM company.

      Many of you who have been caught in FB's web of deception need to know that there have been hundreds of companies that have come and gone, and long after they have gone under and folded, nearly ALL the shareholders STILL COULDN'T BELIEVE IT WAS A SCAM ALL ALONG. What has history taught any of you??

      The BIGGEST sign that FB is a SCAM, is it's BILLIONS OF ISSUED SHARES, i.e. nearly 3 BILLION! Does that sound "legitimate" to you with a "legitimate" purpose?? At the very LEAST, it SPELLS HYPER-DILUTION, if not naked short selling in the future. You need to ASK YOURSELF, why is it a company issues nearly 3 BILLION SHARES??? If you think this is "normal" you need your head examined. Just look on the OTC and look all the stocks there, and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about, although there are MANY, MANY MORE RED FLAGS about FB, MANY MORE!

    • ....and that's only the beginning! Watch also for Federal Indictments. Already news as of today that FB insiders may have to face a hearing before Congress. Did you get that??? Ever hear of anything like this ever before?? Only in rackettering cases, i.e. the Mafia, etc. This is about to get REAL DEEP, you can be sure of that. ALL JOKING aside. This is NO JOKE.

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