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  • aztntrunner aztntrunner Aug 9, 2012 7:27 PM Flag

    Up on 33% volume....must be ready for move to the downside

    Up only $.30 cents today on 1/3 of normal volume...

    Who has solid analysis on what this means?

    I would think that there were not many buyers at this level indicating a sever negative pressure on the stock price. Even though it is up, it is only on extremely low volume...when those 250+ million shares hit the market, there won't be any the price has to go lower....

    What do you experts say?

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    • There's already billions of shares out there, and the FB insiders who are going to sell are simply not going to sell all their shares even @ $18, so the dilution will not be as dramatic as anyone thinks. A block of $1 million of FB was just bought at $21, so a floor of $18 seems perfectly reasonable during the unlocking period.

      Also the botched IPO and overreaction to only meeting revenue expectations, along with a general hatred of the stock are already baked in. The business model isn't the immediate issues as long as FB keeps meeting its revenue expectations the next 2 quarters.

      As for valuation, FB has a P/E of 70, we all know. But LNKD is considered fairly valued with a P/E of 900. Calling all shorts - time to abandon FB, and hit LNKD.

      The rumors are that FB insiders, hedge fund analysts and hard money have set a floor for FB at $18. You may see $15 or $16 for a day or two during the unlock, but you won't see that again until the end of November. Or maybe never.

    • Yup, they're just trying to induce the last remaining dorks who haven't figured this out yet, to buy, then get it ready for a big fall.

    • Its possible there were less sellers, as the stock has become very hard to borrow for the shorts to sell???

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