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  • gormdd540 gormdd540 Aug 16, 2012 12:21 PM Flag

    surprised it was not worse

    Time for dead cat bounce @ 19.90 OR SO.
    By the way,this board is even dumber than that of EKDKQ kodak,in bankruptcy.
    Go over there and see what I mean
    Post some of that Obamarama crapola there,to take their minds off their losses.

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    • Actually, if I had thought it was going to come down this fast, I would have bought puts. I think the stock will keep on trending downwards, and it will probably settle down in the single digits at some point next year or the year after. It is going to take a while for the market to fully recognize the real value here.

      And please don't tell me I should short. I don't play shorts. There are too many potentially profitable plays on the upside for me to be bothered with playing the market as a bear.

      If I sell short at 20, I made 10 if it goes down to ten. As far as I am concerned, there are many plays were I could just as easily double my money on the way up. I would rather by a stock at 20 that I think will go to 40, than sell short at 20 because I think it will go to 10.

    • Dead Cat is a friend of mine on FB. She says "Ain't gonna happen"....

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