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  • bob.cobb72 bob.cobb72 Aug 28, 2012 10:13 PM Flag


    How much of that is to pay for the wars Bushie started? How much was wasted in Iraq? At least Obama is spending it HERE!!! The money we will pay for bushes war blunders will far exceed obama.

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    • The 'Bush wars' remind me why Obama is so great.. he promised to be out of Iraq and Afghanistan in 6 months.. what happened? He promised to close gitmo.. what happened? Obama and Bush met before Obama was elected to develop the stimulus package and bailout distributions.. Obama enacted TGLP after Bush was out and Obama was in. And you STILL think this is a Bush vs Obama thing? How motherfuckinstupid are you? Bush tried to pass his own healthcare, what did Obama do? You're the one who needs to wake up. Your government does not care if it's a D or an R after their name, as long as they keep the rich rich and you? They don't care if you have 7 or 8 or whatever unemployment, they don't care if your house forecloses.. all they cared about was the banks got funding so the billionaires who own them and have their money in them didn't lose. The FDIC insured you, NOT the rich guy.. that's why the banks were 'saved' but not one foreclosure or job was saved. Wake up you idiot. Or just keep playing their game of D vs R in this facade of a two party system even though there is absolutely no difference between Obama and Bush actions. #$%$

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