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  • bullmarketwiz bullmarketwiz Aug 30, 2012 8:18 PM Flag

    10 days above 19 means huge


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    • There must have been 100 posts on here insisting without any doubt that FB would drop to $14 before Labor Day.

      Well it hasn't. And the onslaught of anti FB media and commentary continues. It's really very interesting.

      Yes the IPO fair value could have been placed conservatively at $18-27 with a nice pop. But why leave money on the table when the company is only now beginning to monetize?

      Why don't folks who are so angry take their frustrations out on the real bad actors, like bank and oil stocks? FB is a very new company and the anger over maximizing its IPO price is really getting old.

      Capitalism is about selling your product for the most others are willing to pay. IPO pops are not in the constitution. FB didn't want to leave a penny on the table, and now they have billions to develop as they wish. This anger at the company is stupid since FB said from the start that they would no pander to short term investor concerns.

      FB remains a great speculative buy because they have strong staff from GOOGLE ad folks. Clearly the company is going to act to keep the price above $18 in the near term, so now is a great entry point.

      If FB exceeds expectations in October, you will not be able to buy for under $20 every again. We may see a pop in September once the investors come back from vacation.

      Buy tomorrow.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Let see what Bernanke has to say

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