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  • holidayinnandout holidayinnandout Sep 4, 2012 2:42 PM Flag

    Every Legitimate Discussion Of FB Is Answered With Hate

    The haters tell others that they need a diaper, the price is going to $3, the buyer is stupid, the buyer should buy a gun and one bullet, FB is going out of business, how is that working for you?, and on and on.
    Can we at least discuss the stock (FB) without all of the hate?

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    • It's impossible to have a meaningful discussion on Yahoo. Too many bashers who don't even own the stock. You may have noticed that in the U.S. hate is ubiquitous, no matter what the subject.

    • Use the Ignore button and start the discussion. Some of the members will comment fairly. I'm watching RIMM and FB for short covering rallies like what is happening in HOV the last few days. Eventually they start taking profits but employees of FB have got to stop selling. The blackout period will help. Zuckerburg is too immature but with the right guidance this can turn around sharply. Seems they presently ignore many obvious opportunities. They could stomp Google but they stand around looking as if they don't know how.

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      • How on earth could they stomp Google? That is utter absurdity. They don't have the resources that people actually want nor the savvy obvious monetization of Google since it's , you know, a great search engine that people go to when they are actually looking for stuff to buy. You are right that Z and co. are hopeless though.

    • Even the most optimistic of growth projections cannot justify the high P/E ratio. Now let me say something, not because I hate you, but because I care about you and want the best for you. Anyone who does not know how to check the fundamentals of a stock before trading has no business trading stocks. Sell this POS immediately, and go back to regular contributions to a retirement account that is balanced between bonds and mutual funds where you should be.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Because there's really nothing rational to say in its defense. It's a bunch of pixels with no tangible monetization plan. What kind of conversation do you want to have about a scam stock that STILL has a higher market cap than Ford and with well over a billion shares coming on line in the next months? Making the case that there's an upside here is absurd on its face.

    • There are many, many people out there who can't make money in the market and just love it when others lose money too. It makes them feel good. But if they looked in the mirror, they would see their problem.

      How much of a waste of precious time is it to post all that nonsense all day long. Hey, if it makes you feel better, go ahead. I'm spending my time doing analysis and making money. I don't understand their mindset and thank god I'm not one of them.

    • Ok, hows this for a no hate post. FB Longs, get out of this garbage ASAP before you lose even more money. The insiders are SELLING, why aren't you? I've been saying this politely since day 1. Thank You.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • You're confusing hate with disdainful humor.

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