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  • cantfigureitout4thelifeofme cantfigureitout4thelifeofme Oct 17, 2012 11:22 PM Flag

    Stock Market Death Cross of 2012 being Confirmed for the First Time in

    Stock Market Death Cross of 2012 only 5 points away from being confirmed, (Rare Event) For the first time in over 65 years the 50 month and 200 month moving averages will cross in the S&P 500 and will be confirmed by volume, and for once it has nothing to do with earnings, economic news, or european turmoil last time this occurred it signaled the bullish trend this time it is in a major bearish trend (plummet) sector to be hit the hardest will be the Tech sector. Read If it occurs — and we’re within a whisker of it — this would be the first time we’ll have seen the 50-month and 200-month moving averages cross in the S&P 500 in more than six decades. However, unlike 65 years ago, this cross is in the bear camp.

    Take a look at the chart below. In simple terms, a bearish cross is when the 50- and 200-month simple moving averages “flip” — or get inverted. When the shorter term 50-month moving average (ie. RED LINE) crosses above the longer term 200-month (BLUE LINE), it’s referred to as a “death cross” and is confirmed on volume.

    Ready for a Potential Disaster Without Precedent?

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    • simple explanation is the smoothing of the averages 50 mma vs 200 mma themselves

      it is roughly a 4.16 yr mma comp'd to a 16.6 yr mma and I think the longer you go out in time the more you get reversion to the mean - so it is not surprising this trend following index would see crosses

      it almost happened at the bottom of that 20% decline in 2011 - what turned it - certainly not the fact the lines did not cross but rather the problem in europe had hope for a fix

      with Bernanke put in place and other CB's in ease mode don't look for this signal as prophecy.

      btw the correct name for this is the ULTIMATE DEATH CROSS not to be confused with the standard death cross

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    • It's almost time again the second leg down....

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    • It's sad that investors will absolutely get pummeled but i have researched this topic myself and it's not bogus, it's true, yahoo won't let you post a link in the message or i would. All someone has to do is research this topic and look at the chart and it's clear, Charts don't lie, but some will simply refuse to believe

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    • dillusional.

    • the comparative for death cross is: 50 DMA vs 200 DMA

      D is for Day not Month

      and it is not close to being triggered

      50 DMA is 1430.57 which is about 59 points away

      200 DMA is 1371.32

      and this metric was triggered in the 2008 slide

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