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  • jasonsayre_1999 jasonsayre_1999 Nov 11, 2012 10:48 PM Flag

    Lockup expiration this week

    What's funny is all the amateurs on this board are so far from right. That news is already priced in. In fact the big boys have been duping you by promoting that news.

    Consider yourself very lucky if you had the foresight to buy on Friday. Panic selling, and it will be regretted on the selling side!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Maybe I am ignorant and stupid, but surely with 1.3B shares being unlocked, that would be the best time ever for shorts to cover, not add to positions??? This has to soak up a lot of the extra supply given the amount of short interest. They will probably never get an opportunity beyond this week to cover.

      Just my opinion.

    • tech_stock_technician tech_stock_technician Nov 11, 2012 10:58 PM Flag

      If you believe in the potential for FB to monetize mobile, then you should be buying this stock (or call options on it) this week. Smart investors including institutions who believe they can, will use this as a buying opportunity. If you don't believe they can, then don't buy it. Good luck if you are still short the stock after this week!

    • Wow, pretty confident. So why has the price dropped from 38 to 20?

      I thought the pros had it all priced in at 38?

      I'm not a pro, but I'm sure you fully understand this. I'm sure a pro like you purchased all your shares at 17.

      The price will drop a lot this week. People want the money they have worked hard to earn, or to get paid for the risk they took.

      I think the retail investors might be on to something.... good luck pro.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Your are wrong!, there are no "priced-in" lockup shares because these have not been sold yet. There is only "one" fact.. whoever gets a chance to sell and wants to will do starting on Wed. That's it. Only a small portion of that is already shorted and will be covered with unlocked shares, but big part will just start selling to realize profits and cover taxes... combine that with the possible new taxes on 2013 and yo have a recipie for disaster here.

      This company will be successful, I'm long long term with no current position and won't initiate one till all this wall-street gaming stuff is fully realized and minimized. In the mean time a few put startegies to minimize risk is the best bet here.

    • I will ask you a serious question and than I hope you will use that thing you call brain of can you price in something that is yet to come in to the market? If all 800 mill shares go on sale, who will be the buyers? Even on the lockup for employees that counted roughly 150 mill shares, 90 million shares changed hands. Remember that regular employees are not insiders and noone will find out how many shares exactly have been sold by FB employees. But enjoy your ride, i assume it will be quite interesting.

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