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  • greatdayforpumpin greatdayforpumpin Nov 15, 2012 11:24 AM Flag

    Hey, I have an idea!! Why dont we buy while the insiders are lined up to sell. huh

    It's like showing up for a going out of business sale and paying 100% more than you would normally pay. At the end of the day you look around and wonder why instead of 50% off did you half to pay double?

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    • This is a play for the moment type of people, they only think for the moment. What will they say next week when this crashes?? This pace of buying on every dip from those manipulators only last so long and will eventually get exhausted. I have yet to see such manipulating action like this. I don't see any reason this should be valued at these levels, it has no value trading over 100+ times it's P/E, that ALWAYS gets corrected.

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      • tech_stock_technician tech_stock_technician Nov 15, 2012 11:55 AM Flag

        Okay, now it's obvious you just don't get it. You can call it stock manipulation, but that would be unsustainable, especially on a stock with such a large float. Those who keep referring to manipulation of FB shares are completely out of touch. It's momentum traders that drive these overvalued stocks. Hey, I'm not here to argue whether FB is fairly valued. It is clearly over-valued. But dude, if you want to make money, don't trade FB on fundamentals. It trades on momentum both up and down. Stick to stocks like McDonalds or Coke if you want to trade on fundamentals. Just look at AMZN. If we listen to your theory, AMZN should be a $22 stock, not a $220 stock and this has been overvalued for over a decade. So your assumption that 100+ times PE always gets corrected is not always true. Either that or you could be waiting a long long time and lose your shirt. When will you ever learn.

      • Bubble 2.0

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    • Pumpers running out of material to pump. They even used creamster and the gang

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