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  • benjiman100s benjiman100s Nov 15, 2012 12:38 PM Flag

    Manipulation Pattern Getting Exhausted!!

    LMAO, they keep trying to prop this up on every down tick the last 2 days and that has wore out it's welcome. You can only manipulate that for so long and then you'll have to pay the piper. Let's see if they can sustain that a few more times into next week. Remember these steel balls have cemented it's position in place.

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    • Options expire tomorrow. I have $17.50 puts. They will hold it up to make my options worthless. next week it goes to $10/share.

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      • To bad but I don't expect this to get better from here on out for FB. The way they are trying so hard to hold it up won't be sustainable because you simply don't have enough buyers other then insiders and institutions. I do believe they are all done buying at the same time those 800 mill shares that expired yesterday still have not been sold yet. When they start selling those that is when you'll see some huge drops.

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    • oh shut up. only 575million more shares to sell... BUY BUY BUY! (/sarc)

    • I beg to differ. This is consolidation, especially in light of its strength vs. market direction this morning. Incredible as it may seem, it looks like they're going to pump this up much higher. Based on today's activity, I've switched sides. This isn't a setup, it's a breakout.

      "Trade what you see, not what you think."

      I can't believe I'm doing this, but:

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    • Hey, I'll give you credit. You must have steel balls and a very strong conviction that this stock will move much lower from here in the short term. So I don't think it will from a chart perspective, but maybe it does. However, what if it climbs higher into the end of November. Will you add to your short position or is there a point when you will cover? It's clear you didn't see a 13% gain on the day of the lockup expiration coming, so what makes you so sure that you will be right over the coming weeks? Momentum can be pretty hard to go against. The stock may be worthless, but momentum traders don't care.

    • A lot of worthless Facebook employees are sitting on a mountain of shares. Those idiots should sell all of their shares right now and then buy just what they need. IRS should investigate all the employees of Facebook from top to bottom for unreasonable compensation for all these years. Further, SEC should audit the books of accounts of Facebook for fraudulent reporting. Regardless of whether or not those stupid employees of Facebook sell their shares just released, the very release of said shares should have an effect on the share price on account of dilution.

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      • Point on!!! This is so manipulated right now that most of what they have been doing is illegal. But I have reason to believe FB is getting protected and for what I don't know. This stock is worth NOTHING. I can't believe some are stupid enough to be buying at these levels. What happened the last 2 days should be investigated. You would be surprised how much crime was committed over the last 2 days. I have yet seen a stock like this get this much attention for nothing but like all manipulated stocks they get crushed in the end.

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