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  • rn1029 rn1029 Nov 18, 2012 2:05 AM Flag

    Israel Is A Terrorist Country

    Israel is a terrorist country as evidenced by its continuous efforts to derail peace (with full support of U.S. government) with its neighbors and particularly towards those who have lived in that land for thousands of years such as Palestinians. Supporters of Israel need to follow the great example of President Carter who publicly described Israel as an Apartheid State just like what South Africa used to be. The military aid that we give to Israel ($3.5 billion each year) is being used to kill and take advantage of Palestinians who have been under Israeli occupation and/or siege for over 45 years. The actions taken by Palestinians in firing rockets at Israel are fully justified under U.N. guidelines/policies that allows people who are under foreign occupation to resist and fight back such occupation. Shame on all supporters of Israel.
    Finally, Albert Einstein, possibly the smartest Jewish person ever created did not support the creation of Israel in 1948 under the conditions that Jewish organizations declared then. Take a lesson from the smartest Jewish ever existed! While the Palestinians have every right to defend themselves while being occupied or under siege, Israel has no right to continue killing children and insurgents as long as it occupies Palestinian land. The damage that Israel inflicted on Palestinians for over 64 years (since 1948) is much greater and more severe than the damage that Nazi Germany inflicted on Jews during the 7 years of WWII.

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    • Albert Einstein was officially asked to be Israel’s second president after the Country’s first president, Chaim Weizmann, died.

      Einstein declined the offer out of sheer humility, saying: “I am deeply moved by the offer from OUR State of Israel, and at once saddened and ashamed that I cannot accept it.” (Princeton Online 1995)

      Einstein felt a special affinity to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and bequeathed literary rights to his writings to The Hebrew University, where many of his original documents are held in the Albert Einstein Archives (Albert Einstein Archives 2007).

      There are also many other gross misconceptions about Albert Einstein, including his belief in G-d. Near the end of his life Albert Einstein not only professed a strong belief in G-d, but proved beyond a doubt that the Theory Of Evolution was mathematically impossible based on random chance alone, even given the age of the Universe as 15 Billion Years and even given the most favorable liberal assumptions about mutation rates.


    • I wonder if your summary views about Israel are also as one-dimentionally distorted as is your overall perspective on Albert Einstein.


    • rn1029 ,

      You need a history lesson .... you're post is pure nonsense !

      You might want to begin right here

      " In keeping with an Arab League resolution in 1965, most Arab countries have refused to grant citizenship to Palestinians ...."

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      • Really no point in trying to reason with those who are biased and ignore history or facts.

        All anyone needs to know is that Israel is surrounded by avowed enemies that have 800 times the land that Israel holds. Not the other way around. Gaza sends rockets into israel every month, and the world could care less, until Israel responds. then Israel is a terrorist nation. it is to laugh.

        Hamas occupies and runs Gaza - Hama sand the Palestinians were the ones who danced and celebrated on 9/11. It's a fact, look it up, watch the videos - this is no part of the lamestream media or hyperbole Hamas also denounced the killing of Osama bin Laden - fact, look it up. Iran supplies rockets to Hamas. Do you really think Hamas is on the side of the angels here, with Iranian backing?

        Israel grants all its Arab citizens the right to vote and to even become prime minister. It is the only true democracy over the last 50 years in the middle east. Find out what the arab countries did to its jewish citizens over the last 100 years, and how they treat them today.

        Israel produced Nobel Prize winners in the last 5 years. What has Iran, Saudi Arabia, Hamas, Gaza, Syria, Iraq given or produced for North America apart from oil and war. Who is really on the side of the U.S., and who are the terrorists at this point?

        Go long on FB. Israel isn't perfect, but they try, they have a supreme court, civil rights protections, and an educated society. If you were living in NJ, and Ohio and NY state were your sworn enemies sending rockets in and suicide bombers into your nearby Wal Mart, believe me, you'd understand the situation alot better.

        FB - long and strong. Israel will survive and thrive.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • " Shame on all supporters of Israel. "

      Actually , rn1029 , the shame is on you and your post .

      It's evident that you knew nothing regarding the Arab League resolution .

      As I said in my prior post , your post is pure nonsense .

      Without a doubt , rn1029 , you have genuinely shamed yourself .

    • "... and particularly towards those who have lived in that land for thousands of years such as Palestinians." (rn1029)

      A story is told of an Israeli representative to the U.N. who was about to make his presentation at a U.N. meeting. He reportedly got up and said that before he began his formal presentation he would like to tell a story about Moses.

      He began... "When the Jews left Egypt and Moses hit the rock and saw all the fresh water gushing forth, he said to himself this would be a wonderful time to take a bath. He then took his clothes off and put them on the rock behind him and proceeded to bathe. When he was done he reached for his clothes, but they were gone. Immediately he said a Palestinian must have stolen them."

      No sooner had the Israeli representative said this, but the Palestinian observer leapt to his feet and said... "What in the World are you talking about, there were no Palestinians bacvk then."

      The Israeli representative then said, now that we have established that fact, I can go on with my presentation.


    • Ok, so Jews are terrorists? The left wing is made up of nothing but hypocrites. They hate Adolf Hitler, but then mask their anti-semitism in the guise of anti-Israel propaganda.

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