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  • greatdayforpumpin greatdayforpumpin Nov 21, 2012 12:45 PM Flag

    $4 Fair Value and Insiders Dumping

    Yep that makes it a buy at $24!!!

    $300 million in quarterly income and you guys think this is a $60 Billion dollar company. This has about a 5% upside compared to a 50% downside and when reality sets in there are going to be a lot of bagholders wondering what happened to their profits from $19 to $24 as it drops below $15 from tax selling and more insider dumping thoughout December.

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    • Do you guys even understand how many years of income they need just to justify the close to 3 billion outstanding shares. Go look at Apple's quarterly income and compare it to Facebook's $300 million in quarterly income. This stock is so overvalued and its no different than the other FREE social media sites that have come and gone.

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      • Don't listen to this pontificator. He can spew all kinds of data explaining why this stock is over-valued but you will continue to lose money if you listen to him. Look what's happened since November 14, as he has continued to trash this stock in the face of a huge upside move that doesn't appear to be showing signs of abating. If you are determined to short this stock, at least wait until the trend goes negative based on sound technical analysis. If you look at the chart, with today's breakout above 24.25, it has confirmed a strong up-trend within a now well defined channel. Momentum traders love to push the momentum to cause more pain especially for individual investors and they will continue to feast on you and other stubborn shorts. You must go with the trend if you want to make money, and right now the trend is clearly to the upside. Timing is everything in the market and following the trend and paying attention to the technical move of FB will put the odds in your favor, make you money, and at the very least save you from big losses. In any case, do what you must. As for me, I'm holding on to my January 20 calls until the up-trend is broken.

    • Insiders haven't been this excited since you were buying their shares at $38. They love when they can sell you overpriced shares and then leave you holding the bag and the stock snaps back to reality.
      Look at the Form 4 SEC filings. Insiders are dumping like crazy which should drive the price down but the same manipulators that were selling shares between $40 and $45 after the IPO are hooking insiders up at $24.

    • Could you explain to us how a company with $4.83/share in cash and $0.43/share in debt is only worth $4?

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