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  • richeydouglas Nov 26, 2012 5:32 PM Flag

    I will short this hard if it reaches 26.50 a share.

    what goes up comes down. 26.50 would be a crazy upside price but I would be betting the other way from there.

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    • steve689 Nov 26, 2012 8:01 PM Flag


      Sentiment: Hold

    • "what goes up comes down" Famous last words. Fact is, what goes up CONTINUES to go up. You've been warned.

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      • There is no easy way to play this stock right now. It's probably time to buy cautiously. So much bad press, bad will, bad expectations has been baked in that everyone has heard it all.

        There were many posters who said FB would go to $15, $12, or single digits. The lockup surprised, the IPO surprised, Zuck surprised. The only thing that hasn't surprised is that this stock has amazing potential and is the only speculative play that could rival GOOG and AMZN.

        FB is never going below $21 ever again. I called $18 as the psychological bottom when Zuck intervened. He obviously convinced insiders and employees not to sell, and now hedge funds are buying.

        FB has proven itself for the near term and the stock with the most potential in the world. FB is the most trafficked web site in the world, and has been monetizing on mobile for just a few months.

        Unless FB misses expectations, it probably will never go below $25 in 2013, so now is as good a time to buy as any. FB is also fiscal cliff proof as it moves apart from everything else. So shorts, you'd better be careful. Move on to LNKD. FB may have established a new psychological floor at $24.

        Retail investors are now buying and saying to themselves, why sell a stock for $22, that is headed for $40 in a few months? Everyone wants in, and is now afraid of missing out. Buy buy buy.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Good, you will help me with another short squeeze !!

      • richeydouglas Nov 26, 2012 5:43 PM Flag

        You've been warned. Did you see that gap up of 94 cents this morning on insignificant volume in premarket. that has to be filled and it will.

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