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  • shorts_nemesis shorts_nemesis Nov 30, 2012 8:35 PM Flag

    Between $32 and $38

    I'm looking forward to seeing what happens within that range .

    Quite a few investors got into Facebook in the $30s .

    I'm wondering if [ like , Compound_compounce , ] how many investors who bought in the 30s are going to sell for a loss or sell at their " break even " point .

    It's been quite a ride for those who bought around the IPO date .

    BTW .... Compound_compounce , thanks for the post yesterday .

    " Took a $1800 loss on 300 shares i bought at $33, a couple weeks post-ipo. Bought 100 shares at $21 post last quarters earnings, so still a $1200 total loss. i see a lot of hype here over the facebook gifts stuff and its at a major $27 resistance level. Still think facebook is a good company, just really hard to value it... "

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    • great post

    • Its hard to say where the trade will be. While FB has no height restriction it certainly is on a slowing trend. At every curve, there is a potential capitulation. There is a lot of froth right now and you know that when people start just throwing stuff out there to support the recent rise. I tend to think 29.34 wont be a very good resistance. I do believe that the first year target will be a fairly hard resistance. So right around $30 will be a bit of a test. It will be interesting to see if FB has the mojo to bust $30.

      Anyway I'm glad you are closer to breaking even. I tend to think this is going to be a risky trade and not as clear cut as many people may think.

      Good luck to you and I hope you get to even soon.

    • I agree that there may be some end of the year selling; it's really all about your timeline and how bad you need the write off.

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      • More like end of the year buying as short covering so profits can be locked in. Just look at any stock that got hammered during the year, they are all bouncing with massive short covering.

        I am long FB for the long run. With a billion users, the sky is the limit. Also, Zuckerberg seems incorruptible. Most tech companies sell data. FB has all of the data marketing companies need placing each profile worth more than 1k, easily. So 1Billion multiplied by 1k = 1Trillion.......

        Yep, first 1 Trillion market cap company in the making.

    • This is not a value stock or a mature stock. It has unreal potential and while it may never be a GOOG AMZN or AAPL, it is currently the ONLY stock that COULD be like them.

      It is the best speculative play in the market, and cannot be valued properly because LNKD is the only remotely comparable stock and is trading at 700x earnings. FB is singular as well since it is the most trafficked web site in the world, even if half its user profiles are fakes or inactive.

      The IPO and lockup and early bad press are all baked in, and finally people are realizing that FB does not have to succeed wildly to command its IPO price. There is so much potential here that it is not a stock you would want to sell since it could triple rather easily in less thant a year.

      We "Muppets" were ridiculed mercilessly and I called for patience. Now we are seeing why FB is a good longterm speculative play. It doesn't trade with the market, and you are getting in on the ground floor of a social media stock that doesn't have to monetize every user to make billions. All FB has to do is to suggest that it is going to take on LNKD, search, online poker or gaming, and the stock will explode.

      No one who bought early is going to sell now since the grief and anger was at its peak then. Now we want to see the fruits of our patience. It may take a month or a year, but FB is very likely going to $50 fairly soon. And all the shorts and panic sellers will regret their ridiculing of the Muppets.

      Stay long and strong. With proper positioning and guidance, FB can be a $100 stock in less than two years.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • i told my gf that her face book stock would probably see 100 dollars within 2 yrs of the ipo . thanks for your post. i totally agree.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • You go to the casino, put your money on the table. Any thing could happen, all it has to do is hit red and you doubled your money. What ever happened to investing? Its gone, the financial experts learned there was Muppets. Now it has nothing to do with the company and valuation, its how do we get the Muppets to buy. They take your money. You compare Facebook to linkedin, what makes you think Linkedin is worth 770 times earnings? Loll your a Muppet.

        Why are linkedins earnings worth so much more than apples?

        Go buy a privately held company. Pay a legal team to help value the company. Then take your hard earned money, buy the company and get your investment back. I guarantee you will not pay 770 times earnings. If the stock price of Linkedin never moved in ten years it would still be overvalued. It will never cover the investment. But who cares we trade paper.

        Buy Muppets, buy, hold Muppets.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • pumpster?

        Sentiment: Sell

      • "proper positioning and guidance"? What exactly does THAT mean? Please, enlighten us.

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