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  • dr.schouse dr.schouse Dec 7, 2012 6:28 AM Flag

    how to beat the MM's at their own game with this stock

    Where you see a mouse trap, i see a a piece of cheese and a mutter fluffin challenge .

    this stock movement is a joke. it is so patheticly predictable its not funny.

    its time to brong the price of this stock down about $20 and put it where it belongs .

    whp wants to bet i can predict its movement 2 days in advance???

    come on any takers out there

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    • you just branded yourself as a nut case. Nice move!

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      • zuckerburg_mark Dec 8, 2012 2:55 AM Flag

        Branded a nut case r u serious????

        This guy is dead on about the the United states government wanting to database the characteristics of its citizenry.

        Also are you ignorant enough not to think your government is propping up the stock market with YOUR 401k money while it is slowly siphened out of the market by jpm

        I take it your ignorance believes its a nonfact that in 2006 the government passed the pension protection act which allows your employer to force you to contribute to a 401k plan.

        this is a lie right.
        Come on say it. tell me I'm a nut case for speaking the truth
        And i bet you believe its the evil rich white republicans who destroyed our economy instead old what's his name in office right now. you know the handout kid.
        welfare king
        the its George Bush's fault for everything guy. its even George bush's fault that your new king didn't keep his promise about more transparency in government. And in fact has the least transparency of any president ever.

        mr executive order if i don't get my way.

        the fact is our government is the most corrupt government on the planet.

        we start wars to turn a profit.
        you are the nut case because you are f'n gullible that you don't think fb is backed by our governments money.

        pls genius explain in real terms fb's rise in value when it does and makes nothing...

        am waiting

    • OK post your predition.

    • Sounds like a lot of sour grapes from a bunch of stock market losers. i bet none of you have EVER picked a winning stock.

      let me say it like this...

      i can make the earth stop in its tracks.
      i made the blue cars go away.
      i can make myself invisible or small.
      i can become gigantic and reach the farthest things.
      i can change the course of nature.
      i can place myself anywhere in space and time.
      i can summon the dead.
      i can perceive events on other worlds in my deepest mind and in the minds of others.

      I CAN...
      I AM...

    • Hey dr.schouse..."any takers out there,: eh?!? No taker here !! How about doing a spell check before hitting the post button ! ( brong... whp... what is a "mutter fluffin challenge?!?"

      I've got a better idea. Since you are so "RIGHT" as you claim, how about offering an email stock newsletter where investors PAY you for your advice. Everyone wins !!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You can barely type. Why would I expect you to be able to predict any stock's future performance?

    • Yawn.

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