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  • indie103_ca indie103_ca Dec 8, 2012 2:48 PM Flag

    Will FB become the first Billion $$ company..

    Aapl had it's shot but ran short on technology...

    Google stalled,but it's android program could be a game changer...

    Msft is in the running...

    With over 1 Billion user FB may lead the pack very quickly..

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    • Maybe in Zimbabwe dollars.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • FB is already many billions. If you mean a trillion, FB will have to grow its income from around 1 billion (non-GAAP) to 100 billion. That is a lot of money and that would 18 years of continual growth at the current rate of 32%. That is a lot of growth for a mature company to produce in a couple of years let alone 2 decades.

      Do you think it could get there before XOM......They sell oil.

      or you could just say that maybe FB will grow (that would be your conviction).

      How can anyone even make a connection that FB could be that big? Does it make sense?

      Who is FB that makes you think of numbers like that? You have to know one thing and that is most of FB's growth is the developing world and there is not that much income. At current users of 1 billion, Fb would have to produce around $300 to $400 per user and with the majority of the income in the US it will have to be orders of magnitude larger.

      If this seems reasonable to you, well go ahead and think it. We don't know what FB will be but it makes no sense to make statements like this and to try to put numbers that don't even represent anything reasonable. I don't personally know what value FB will be in the near future and I won't put cap or floor but I certainly won't go around thinking of numbers that aren't rationale representations of the market.

      Good luck

    • I think you mean first "trillion" dollar company. I think you are right.

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