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  • buylosellhi2012 buylosellhi2012 Dec 9, 2012 1:05 PM Flag

    There are a lot less headlines covering FB today compare to Sept, Oct, Nov...

    FB is a lot quieter today then a few months ago....
    But dauily volume remains high....

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Profit takeing for FB. Other things the cliff.Markets have been mixed.Poss.pull back.If it does I'll try to buy a little more, every good stock takes corrections.Its normal.The whole market could use some good news.

    • Lots of weekend reading implying drop Pandora's price so Facebook or Apple could buy them cheap?

      Everybody wants Pandora shares cheap, because they want to acquire the company? And they write this in articles? Wow. Facebook, Apple...who cares: fact is Joe shorty is just scared and the crew is all out of legit stock to borrow to force the price down.

      I think all these sell side analysts need to give the purchasers of those articles their money back.
      Little piggies should have covered the day of the drop.

      Cooler hands and smarter money has picked up a lot of new cheap shares.

      If you want to BUY the company, approach the company with a price that is reflective of its near term future value: (I'd put that at a multiple of the IPO price), and stop wasting weekend reader's time with desperate short sponsored articles.

      The new holding Longs of P are not easily fooled.

      Did you know the only way for a new entrant to duplicate PANDORA's success is to copy its custom channel approach. Otherwise you end up being a Free Sirius satellite radio knock-off. And by the way, you know that whole approached is patented technology, right? lol. Anybody want into this niche segment, want that rate of customer adoption, will just have to buy Pandora, if they let you. Insiders own 30+ percent of the company. Institutions own the bulk of the rest. About 4% is owned by joe retail. The guys you write these articles for. Do the math. It's not going to work folks. Facebook, Apple, Google who ever you are: you will have to simply step up to the plate and "PAY THE MAN HIS MONEY"...


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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