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  • sammygrubian sammygrubian Jan 4, 2013 8:26 PM Flag

    Zuckerberg stool Facebook and now exaggerates number of mobile users

    Report out this evening

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    • I meant stole

    • Link please.

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        "The most controversial finding was that mobile Web usage was smaller than iPhone or Android usage, which contradicts a statement Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made last fall about mobile Web usage being bigger than iPhone and Android put together."

        Also note how this "analyst" tries to "simply" explain this away. May be this "analyst" should try to ask Mr. Zuck himself to do the explaining. After all it was Mr. Zuch that made those outrageous claims which is resulted in stock price jump nearly 60% since his claim and mostly because of it.

        Now that we know Mr. Zuck's claim was a complete lie Should the stock now give back that 60%?

    • $25 tomorrow.

    • The Street is not going to give a rat's rip about the choosing of words. The stock ran the 60% because of the fact that they are the only ones that that proven monitization of mobile in any successful way, period!! And they did it beyond the expectations of last quarter's numbers. The stock will continue to run and likely see $32.00 before their next release in the next several weeks.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Sorry but I beg to differ in a major way but I have to agree with many in this thread that feel this may have been a major blunder by the CEO. This is not about "choosing words". Are you kidding? Mr. Zuck seem to have pulled a major blunder which caused the stock to soar about 60%. While minimization is obviously a big deal for all the major players, Mr. Zuck, who stole Facebook from his "friends", claimed that Facebook had more mobile users than Android and iPhone "combined" We guess what; According to this highly regarded and independent european analyst forget about "combined": Facebook has LESS mobile users than either iPhone or Android INDIVIDUALLY. Now, you call try to put your head in the sand and call it whatever you want but I call that a major exaggeration and possibly a big intentional lie. FB needs to give back all that 60% as it was based on this major claim by Mr. Zuck which made any money-t-zation !!! that much more of a big deal if they were also beating both android and iPhone in number of mobile users.

        The article exposing this blunder could turn out to be bigger than any of us thinks possible at this time. This once again bring into question the integrity of Facebook's CEO. Recall not only the claim that he stole the Facebook from its main inventors but that even when he made a donation of nearly 100 million to some educational cause it was time to benefit the IPO which flopped.

        A discredited CEO could spell disaster for the stock. How can you trust the other numbers that he is provided regarding earnings, etc. Of course in this case the issue is not simply Mr. Zuck credit worthiness but the fact that stocks 60% rise in the last 2 months was exactly because of the above claim as we all recall.

        I suspect we may revisit those lows again.

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