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  • jackmebit56 jackmebit56 Jan 6, 2013 6:59 PM Flag

    Some facts

    First of all I can't believe all these big companys paying FB to advertise, its about useless.Most on Fb want even pay one dollar a month to use the site much less buy anything they may see in a add..I've used a pc for about 10 years and never bought one thing i've seen in adds on a pc..I have property on the interstate in fla. and any big company could place a bill board on it and do there product more good..Over 1 millon drivers pass it every year and at least most have money to take trips.As for 50% on facebook they do good if they can buy min. for their cell phones..So whats the odds they will ever buy from a add they see on their phone,next to ZERO.This stock is completely control by the big boys,they can look at the numbers of all the small fish and send it anyway they want to up or down.Our country has some nerve calling the stock market a investment,its 90% straight out gambling and its no different,then the numbers racket back in the 20s or 30s..I suppose back in the old days,the market was a good idea but like everything else the big dogs ruins everything..Just look at the facts when companys are caught,by SEC cheating,stealing or what ever you want to call it and fine who gets the money,the goverment,not the so called invester who got swindle out of there money..

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    • Google makes its money by advertising.
      FB is more trafficked than Google.
      Nuff said.

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    • It's hard to make money off an investment if you don't understand the investment, and you clearly don't understand advertising. FB is targeting advertisement. Billboards are much more random. And while you've never clicked on an ad and made a purchase, you have absorbed much of the info from the banner ad and possibly made a purchase at a store at a later date after feeling comfortable with a company having seen their ads in the past.. I've worked in TV for 25 years but have never met a person who admitted to being influenced by a commercial, yet most people buy Coke and Pepsi at the supermarket and pay little attention to RC Cola. Ads produce brand recognition that builds up over time.
      I'm still trying to wrap my brain around Facebooks's 3rd party ad exchange, but that's a discussion for a different thread.

    • I like your thinking and I could less if you can spell! I love a holes who think it matters how well you spell on a message board ! Most of the people I know who can and care about spelling are boarder line retarded when it comes to stocks! Not sure about a lot of things but the whole SEC and the fine thing is dead on, the only people who get in trouble are the ones big boys want to go down and the cheats never get in real trouble and the money goes to gov not the victims. What a joke! I wish these nut jobs would start shooting the rich people and politicians rather then us regular people!

    • Spelling errors, grammar issues, and general English language issues aside, this is a horrendous post. Saying that a billboard along an interstate in Florida will do a brand more good than a well-placed ad on Facebook demonstrates a complete lack of knowledge of advertising trends and operations. I could go into a more detailed explanation but I doubt that's necessary for most users here. As rockina650bmw said, just do a little bit of homework. You're more than welcome to sell FB, but hopefully not on this reasoning alone!

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