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  • shabamoon shabamoon Jan 8, 2013 3:51 PM Flag

    27.50 in 1-2 days.TodaywWarming up for the main dive tomorrow. The recent move up based on falacy.

    Went from near 25 to over 29 in a week based on no new news or change in fundamentals. On top of that major insider and COO selling so close to earning is a definite negative indication on terrible or disastress earnings report. They worked very hard to hold it today but soon those that still have profit will relinquish and sell.

    Expect around 27.50 in 1-2 days which is only 50% retracement of this recent fake move up. It will eventually give up all recent gains and more when the COO and insider selling sinks in. It won't even matter if the markets are up as FB will dive.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • got this one far. whoever said would open up at 29.50 was spot on (at least in premarket). blew right through my stop. will see if it comes back down any, but as of now it's a beautiful day...down $1k+.

      let's see if this is head fake/will be supported by broader market up day.
      good morning and good day to all!

      SENTIMENT: Be nimble...just trade!

    • hey , i'm no shill--nor am i a basher. i'm just a humble bi-directional short-term trader.

      that being said, if i had to bet--and yes, my $$$ are on the line--i would say fb continues down tomorrow, at least to 28.50s.

      do funds have any reason to rush and buy? i don't think so! retail traders getting whipped around; hesitant to go long, as share price approaches the "magic $30" a lot more weak hands to be shaken out.

      sort of a "tilted" head-and-shoulders has formed, also [from approx 10:50 am last friday to today's close]; RIDING NECKLINE ALL DAY--CAN'T GET UP?!?! [old trader saying: if it ain't going up, it's going down.]

      i'm just lookin for 40/50 cents short (WITH EXTREMELY TIGHT STOP). but this thing getting ugly and slipping to 27.50 is not far out of the realm of possibilities. caveat emptor!

      BTW: before categorizing me as a "basher," know that i believe fb will likely approach/pass $30 by end-of-month earnings. i will reverse my position.

      SENTIMENT: Be nimble...just trade!

    • You guys all know why you are so nervous about FB , just answer WHY you have to put yourself on this situation of shorting this giant monster which going to go to the moon soon or later ? You guys are so dumb, unbelievable.

      Sentiment: Buy

      • 2 Replies to sm22ray
      • What analysis leads you to believe this is going to the moon soon or later? It seems to me the FB user base has long since peaked. How many people do you know in the past year that has joined versus how many have either closed their account or just stopped using it? I’m not even sure how anyone could tell how many real users there are with all the fake profiles. I have a 13 year old niece that I think has about 10. As for clicking ads I can’t see why anyone would want to click any of them in facebook unless you want everyone knowing everything you look at. Not to mention all the viruses that clicking links lead to. It’s the ONLY website in years that I have gotten viruses from. Because of this I started blocking the site when nieces and nephews are over. This just doesn’t seem like any kind sound company that I would want to investment in. I’d love to hear different opinions though. Kind regards.

      • Are you saying that the COO and all the other insiders that sold over a quarter of billion shares are also dumb? Or do you think their selling this close to earnings says more than meets the eye and just may be they are not dumb but simply have more knowledge about what is going on with your "monster" at this time. Facebook may become something big years down the road but what about what is going on right now and this coming earnings?

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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