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  • brock_templeman brock_templeman Jan 8, 2013 6:12 PM Flag

    You don't invite the press to your offices if you don't have something awesome cooking!

    Wonder what it is? They said "building" in their invitation so I assume it's not a partnership, merger, buyout, acquisition, etc. Anyone have thoughts as to what it could possibly be? Thanks in advance! In any case, I'm a buyer at these levels. With a surprise media event right before earnings, the stock price could shoot up pretty big the next few weeks!

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    • Whatever it is I think COO's announcement of selling over $14 million of FB shares almost at the same time as this "building" announcement speaks a volume. My take is:

      1- Whatever it is it obviously won't jack up the price or there may even be thought at Facebook that it may hurt the stock (such as a large investment on a physical building while Facebook's future is not yet obvious) otherwise WHY WOULD COO SELL SHARES RIGHT BEFORE THE INVITATION DAY. If you were the COO wouldn't you wait another week and make a few million more from your sells ?

      2- It could be that the news of insiders dumping hundreds of millions of shares, COO selling $14 million in shares, Facebook's marketing company laying off employees (after GM pulled out of Facebook altogether), etc etc is rattled Zuck as what may happen to shares and he is masterminded this as a damage control thinking by next week even there is not much to show people with short memory would have forgotten these other things. Remember he is the same person that his classmates claimed he stole the Facebook from them and he settled with them for many millions.

      Bottomline: don't ever trust Zuck.

    • my guess is they're building more office space :)

    • What is t? Music? Interconnectivity? Would be interesting in hearing ideas. I certainly don't know. But I just bought 1k a/h. Not something I do very often. But the mystery invitation seemed like an invitation to a morning gap upward, given half-decent futures. We'll see what we see...


    • uhh. google just had a "mysterious" press conference. it was free wifi in chelsea new york. real awesome lol.

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    • My guess is that they are building a search engine to take on Google straight up. Could you imagine having a search engine built into your Facebook page where you didn't have to go to a separate tab to Google something? A search engine could unlock enormous revenue opportunities through search engine ads...just saying it could be huge.

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