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  • big_tits_nancy big_tits_nancy Feb 2, 2013 6:39 AM Flag

    Why did FB drop 4% on Friday?

    Judging from what's happened on Thursday, when there was a wave of buying in the last hour or so, I was expecting it to be up today (Friday), especially with the market in the green. Can anyone explain what's happened, please!

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    • looking at its move during thursday, i knew it will be going down big on friday without any doubt. why? thursday was monthly contract expire date, big guy did their calculation and decided to keep it from going down after bad earning and bunch of downgrade, in order for them to earn all premium. in order to keep it from going down, they had to keep buying it. then next day, which is friday, they realeased some of the shares out to get money back. at this point, i think they still hold some, and waiting for the next move base on weekly contract status. it is very difficult guess next week cause i know longies and shorties both got stuck (longies and shorties who came in on wed , thursday and friday ) and since it is no clear cut, fb movement next week will be undertermined at this point. depending on market condition, FB will be up/down on monday without manipulating (rest assure if market deep red on monday, fb will be down big). then big guy will do their calculation again base on future contract written and decide which direction fb is going to move.

    • It's still overvalued based on the earnings for now. I posted an hour before earnings that their expenses would climb and it turned out to be true. That number was even larger than people thought and his comments on the CC about capex first and profitability later probably ruffled some feathers. The initial run off the morning drop was probably a short squeeze. What I think is happening is it is carving out a new range based on the three earning reports so far. There is no question it seems like the near-term top is around $32.50 or so based on the run into the "big" anouncement. Now I think it is between $28.50 and $31 unless the markets correct say 5-8% then down to $27.50. Just my take I have left FB on my screen since the IPO and it is volitile and I do get in long and short once in awhile.

    • it is losing hundreds of thousands of people. Zuckerberg found to be altering and limiting posts found by conservative minded persons who post and they have created a new spinoff site away from facebook. Facebook is another liberal owned tool being used by Oabama to divide and destroy this nation.

    • This was a first of the month money input. FB has done this so many times since the turn. It drops 3-5% and then it goes back up. The real sign that this is ok is that we didn't drop below wed's low. This will go up the next down day in the market Sector rotation

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      • First of all, you really can't value FB on a (pe) earnings basis. They, like AMZN, NFLX throw off phenominal $$$ to investments for the future. It's growth oriented, and cash belongs in R&D............for dynamic growth strategy.

        Secondly, daily price swings in th 0.60 -2.00 range are nothing new to FB, and because it is considered speculative, this will not be changing anytime soon.

        You can get used to it or move on, choice is yours....

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