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  • insect_insight insect_insight Feb 4, 2013 1:23 PM Flag

    FB Support point broken three times on intra day basis


    I hate to say but that' s not encouraging.

    I am going back to re-examine my charts because, if I made an error in evaluation, I will spin on a dime and change strategy.

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    • See tomorrow what is going on: If FB rebounds over 28.5 would be OK. If not then exit it.

    • True, broke below 50 day MA.

    • The same old crowd of FB BASHER LOSERS and SUCKERS are all over this message board trying to convince SMARTER pros of the "overvaluation" of FB, even though ALL SMART TECHNICIANS know that is NOT the least bit true.

      I tried to warn the pathetic FB BASHER LOSERS that GOOG was bound to spark the first in a LONG SERIES OF PANIC BUYS in FB....with one GAP UP move after another....and I strongly urged AMATEUR BASHER #$%$ to close out their soon to be WORTHLESS FB PUTS, then immediately load the boat with in the money FB calls....and got that prediction 100% CORRECT, now didn't I, my sweet little FB BASHER FAILURES???



      Now the only variables are just how high FB stock leaps tomorrow and how to spend my sweet little FB PUT purchasers HUGE LOSSES.......shall I spend YOUR LOSSES mostly on Dom Perignon or on the sex favors of hi paid bimbos??? Such a dilemma!!


      Oh, sorry, my sweet little FB PUT BASHER FAILURES.....but I love love love LAUGHING and DANCING on your DESERVED financial graves, it just makes me feel......soooooooooooooooooooo GRAND!!!!!!!!

    • Can't wait to read your future updates Aviantruth!!!

    • Down on volume ... that's not good. Then no strength at close.

    • i_i, i like hear that in you! love your attitude; respect your position--but now i know that you have good sense and are not just another SHILL!
      [wonder how low this thing goes, i.e., what's the new trading range...?]

    • And for those who paying attention to the MEGA MEGA BULLISH FB soon as FB hit its ROCK SOLID SUPPORT level, the slimy FB market maker bounced it upward, thus PROVING my SMART empirical observation that he is DEFENDING and PROTECTING that support point, with his life.

      As I stated SMARTLY, the guy may allow for an INTRA-DAY dip that breaches that SUPPORT point, but on a CLOSING PRICE basis, he can NOT allow prices BELOW that support point on any sustainable basis, period.

      Ladies, this AINT rocket science, NO need for "special" wall street "advisers," all you require is an operating brain and the ability to see REALITY and THE OBVIOUS for what they are.

    • Just think, my sweet AMATEUR FB BASHER FAILURES..... who in their right mind would short or PUT a MEGA MEGA BULLISH stock like FB, now trading in a CONFIRMED PANIC BUY wave, when the MAXIMUM downside risk is about 50 cents to a buck, at worst, while the UPSIDE POTENTIAL is literally INFINITE?????

      Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhh??? Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhh???


      Only CERTIFIED village idiots, FAILURES, and SUCKERS go short or PUT this kind of MEGA MEGA BULLISH stock, so OBVIOUSLY SUPPORTED by the fundsters, banksters, and the FB market maker himself.....NEVER ceases to amaze me, but the perma-SUCKER MASOCHISTS just keep returning to donate more and more of their $$$$ to SMARTER market vets and pros.

    • but i thought you're never really do have the insight of an sell your 100 shares while you still have a profit genius

    • When it broke back down thru 29 today it was done. Has been falling nicely ever since. They shook a bunch out when they push it back thru 29 but it couldn't hold as the shorts jumped on the offer and it it has been a nice gradual fall since.

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