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  • marketcrashsoon marketcrashsoon Feb 7, 2013 7:23 PM Flag

    Just sold FB and bought Apple

    Apple oversold and company pretty much just came out and said they will raise dividend, buy back more stock and possibly offer a stock split. FB on the other hand seems to be losing users and spending more then it takes in. Rather buy quality with Apple then hold FB which is not going any where.

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    • Coincidentally, I sold my FB puts when FB touched low $28 the other day and bought few APPL calls today just few minutes before the bounce... Luck has lot to do with APPL calls :)

    • I have only two positions right now in my ameritrade acct - long AAPL (at $30 seemed a no brainer). Obviously I think you are on the right track.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Nice move....i did the same thing day before FB earnings release. Also picked up some BBRY the other day and that's doing quite nicely. Good luck!

    • Lets stick to the facts. Apple did not say or hint dividend increase, they are considering options. Good luck to you. Risky if they dont mention anything at the shareholder meeting later this month. As this press release is late I doubt if anything new will come out in that meeting. It takes time and a process to get this approved. Lets be honest its nbot gonna happen in the next week or month. So the impact on stock will be muted.
      Facebook has more upside potential at 28 bucks as opposed to 460 bucks. So let me explain.... in dollars...
      holding a 1000 shares in facebook (28k @ 28 per share) if it were to rise by $10 that same profit of 10K would require
      if you had same value in apple (28k approx 61 shares @ 459 per share) to go up 163 points.!!!!!!!! $459 - $622

      So what is more realistic.....

      Of course you know this....

      (I was long in apple and now long in facebook because of the above)

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