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  • billyu76 billyu76 Feb 11, 2013 3:15 AM Flag

    Advertisments on Facebook...

    I actually "like" them. Seriously I do because I have chosen the products and services I like, and these are the only items for which I receive ads. It really is a revolution in Advertising because never in my life have I only received ads for products that I am atually interested in. It is truly amazing. Does anyone agree? You guys do know how facebook works right?

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    • And more to the point, FB advertisement is absolutely mistargeted. I don't really care how many times a day someone likes Samsung Mobile. And I get some #$%$ about my wife's distant relatives liking Wal-Mart. I never shop at Wal-Mart. I hate Wal-Mart. And I get constantly bombarded by some Right Wing t-shirt salesmen... It annoys me, since I'm a progressive.
      I'm tolerating scrolling through that garbage for now, but I'm already annoyed.

    • Ads are spam. And the more spam FB will insert into their feed the less people will check their FB pages. Especially on mobile devices, where ad spam is inserted into your feed and you have to scroll past it to see real updates. If FB puts in too much spam, then people will be reluctant to open FB and it will become an unpleasant experience and usage will start dropping.

      The main difference between FB and Google is that people aren't using FB to search for products and services. They are using it to socialize with friends and family. Ads are a necessary evil , so to say, but if pages will be nothing but ads it will drive users away and people switch to less intrusive social sites, of which there are plenty emerging now.

      Facebook was never meant to be a commercial enterprise like Google or even Linked in. But Wall Street will destroy them as they will be constantly under pressure to spam people with more ads.

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