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  • zbc407 zbc407 Feb 11, 2013 11:45 AM Flag

    By the way, Motley Fool, or Seeking Alpha had an article that fair price on Fb was around $40 per share

    I'll let shorts find it themselves. They need to due their due diligence afterall.

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    • Both Motley Fool and Seeking Alpha are personal opinions from individuals,and not of any firms. Having that said, with $40 per share FB would have a P/E of around 3000! Even you would throw out every share you owned at that price. Dont you see the madness in this?? Apple, which was literally #$%$ money and had more money in their coffers than the entire US, had P/E of 15 or something...eve now they make money but the P/E is down to 10! So for all your longs, hopefully you will one day sit down and see the absurdity and ignorance that fed the FB price. The shareprice here is so inflated it is beyond explaining.

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      • I think Zuck needs to come out and say something. His negativity and PR activity is depressing the stock, while LNKD is getting a halo way beyond anything that makes sense.

        While obviously Zuck wants only to pursue a single minded, mildly transformative FB global mission of some sort of social unification, and has no interest in pleasing shareholders, there is no reason for FB to go out of its way to alienate wall st and retail investors arbitrarily.

        I think it's time Sheryl Sandberg and the PR folks made that clear. If FB runs out of goodwill, this ubermission Zuck sees will take a lot longer to realize - if ever - and he's really got to gently be made to understand that.

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    • al_gore_for_presidennt al_gore_for_presidennt Feb 11, 2013 11:52 AM Flag

      Who cares about some article. So some guy thinks its worth $40, the other guy thinks its worth $10 ... thats what makes the market.

      The price will tell you everything you need to know. And the price action is telling you that it may be worth much less then you think. And may soon be worth even less.

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