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  • jjorowsky Feb 12, 2013 2:12 PM Flag

    I bought the stock believing in the upgrade of Goldman Sacks $38.00 and Deutsche Bank - $40.00. They lied to me.

    I bought the stock believing in the upgrade of Goldman Sacks $38.00 and Deutsche Bank - $40.00. They lied to me.
    And Citi and Bernstein waited till today, after dumping their stock to make their downgrade. Time to start some propaganda and advertizing against the liars.
    The stock was artificially driven from 17 till 29. Then the MISTERIOUS ANOUNCEMENT from 29 till 31.50, then the upgrades to sell positions untitil the deception from the mysterious announcement (the graph). Bank sold, insiders sold, new short positions were created, then DOWNGRADES. WS will never change. The #$%$ will always be the same: insider game of big fishes who take the money of the small fishes. To be insider is to know what is going to happen. It is the same as to know the numbers of the lottery

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    • Theier business is to lie and fool the public and even theier own customers. That's how they make money. You are a muppet in theier eyes. Those mafia banksters bet against US homewoner, making money on the destruction of wealth of 10s of millions US citizens. Those mafia bankster manipulate everything, from stocks, derivatives, interest rates, commodities to foods, even at the price of people dying from hunger in the third world. You can't believe and trust anything they say and do. Unfortunately, they corrupted whole governments and they will keep doing theier mafia business because they can and make money.

      Regarding FB, it's just a bubble stock. Should be trading at $3!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Haven't you been paying any attention to the investment guru Insect Insight? He keeps trying to tell us ham and eggers that Wall Street is populated by idiots. Listen to the man, our intellectual superior also known on the Molycorp message board as AVIANTRUTH HE/SHE IS THE ONLY VOICE TO LISTEN TO IF YOU WANT TO MAKE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS JUST LIKE HIM/HER!!!

    • tracey563 Feb 12, 2013 3:47 PM Flag

      goldman buys shares for its well off clients from poor like us,they than sell it back at higher prices to us poor souls,ask the suckers at wbmd.goldman recomended it at 54 its at a 2 year high now of 17 and thats with carl ichan buying in the mid 20s.message when goldman comes a calling lock the door

    • Analysts each have their own opinion. It could be what they really believe or what they want you to believe for their own enrichment. A stock is worth what traders/investors are willing to pay for it. Do not believe what you read on this board.( Including this msg. because it is my opinion) Many posters have their own agenda. Do your own DD, decide what you think is best and use stops to keep from getting creamed.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • Yes, you are right, and it is really is an honest game. Some are right, some are wrong, that's just the way it is and everyone has the same risk. There is no insider information, no manipulation, no collusion, it's all perfectly honest. We know it seems that somehow the insiders always come out on top and the promoters and underwriters always guess right. That's just the way it is, they've just been lucky, that's all. No matter that they never lose it is all due to blind chance. Yes, that's the way it is. It really is so, Yep, that's rgiht...

    • When did you buy? Most of their targets are 12 month targets; you always need to try to buy low and sell high!

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