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    Je-wi-sh Gangster Holds $80,000 Party In Jail


    Je-wi-sh Gangster Holds $80,000 Party In Jail

    Tuvia Stern, a financial-scam artist who jumped bail and spent nearly 20 years on the lam, was allowed to hold a private party at the New York jail called the Tombs.

    The Event Was Held At The Jail's Gym

    City Correction Department officials permitted him to redecorate the jailhouse gym for an estimated 80 guests who partied and danced the hora for six hours.

    A Kosher Caterer Was Brought In

    City Correction Department officials permitted him to use his own caterer

    A Jewish Pop Star, And His Band, Were Booked

    The guest list at the jail included several prominent rabbis as well as Yaakov Shwekey, a popular Orthodox singer, and a band.

    The Rabbi Who Planned It All

    Horn suspended Rabbi Leib Glanz, the correction chaplain who arranged the bar mitzvah, for two weeks.

    'Colonel' Tyrone Washington Likes His Job

    Tyrone knows his $105,000 a year job has strings. It is understood that Je-wi-sh convicts will get special treatment.

    Stern's family and friends were allowed to keep their cellphones -- normally a huge security no-no. And Stern was given the OK to dress in clothing appropriate for the occasion.

    The guest list at the jail included several prominent rabbis.

    Correctional Officers Provided Security

    The city threw in its own present -- overtime pay for the correction officers staffing the soiree.

    Parties Are Common

    In April of 2009 Stern had his daughter Breindy's engagement party for 10 family members at the warden's office.

    Mickey Bloomberg

    Bloomberg said that four officers were docked 2 weeks of vacation pay. Bloomberg is considered future presidential material.

    The $145,000 A Year SuperintendentBrian Fischer would deny that fellow Zi**ists would receive special treatment.
    These Are The Ones That Are Convicted

    Madoff stole $65 billion, and so far he is the only one arrested. The biggest scam in New York is Medicare, where Zio-doctors clip over $20 billion annually, and no one is ever convicted.

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