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  • bigrobeight bigrobeight Mar 5, 2013 7:52 PM Flag

    " A lot of people are complaining about Facebook's News Feed .... "

    "A lot of people are complaining about Facebook's News Feed, saying that the social network has tweaked it to give prominent placement to paid advertisements."

    "Get ready for more complaints—because Facebook is changing everything again this Thursday."

    "There's something to the complaints. Facebook didn't always have ads in its News Feed, the central stream of updates from friends and brands that appears when you log into the site."

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    • never gotten news on FB - no plan to use FB for real news. it's a site for commercials - content paid advertising slyly disguised as news. no sale.

    • Whenever there is a Facebook change, there is always immediate backlash and then people get used to it. In 2006 when the news feed was first introduced, people hated it which in fact is what the article you're quoting without citation is referring too. Now the newsfeed is the main reason anyone uses Facebook. Yes, the news feed did not always have ads on it. It does now and I will admit the placement within the newsfeed on a desktop is not ideal, but the mobile placement is more organic. The update they will announce on Thursday gives Facebook a chance to improve the ad experience for users. I'm not promising that it will be a major improvement, but the chance is there. We'll just have to find out.

      What I'm getting at is that your quotations out of context are useless and misleading at this point. Good luck everyone.

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      • ".... quoting without citation .... "

        This is not a legal brief .

        This is not an article which appears in only one publication .

        And , as you know [ or should know ] hyper links can no longer be pasted to posts .

        Anyone capable of throwing the subject line into search can find the article .

        As for , ".... out of context are useless and misleading .... " , it appears that you read
        the article and , by virtue of your post , you lend credence to my post .

    • do people still use facebook? thot it went BK last year. !

    • well thursday theey will reveal a much better new feed with ads.and they will get better money from ads= more earnings-fb stock wil go up

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