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  • bear_burger2009 bear_burger2009 Mar 29, 2013 11:10 AM Flag



    Check in the insider selling of this stock, especially by SANDBERG, she will be gone in near future! When SANDBERG departs, FACEBOOK drops $5 a share that day! CHECK out the MASSIVE CONTINUED SELLING BY INSIDERS!!!!

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    • She has no credibility. She leaves the stock goes up 10%. Her book is a joke and so is her message. The backlash against her especially from women is enormous. She is trying to sound like Hillary Clinton but sounds more like Omarosa.

    • It amazes me how little she talks about Facebook on all the publicity she is getting for her book..... It looks like FB stock is going to become an ATM for insiders..... Zuckerberg's year of no selling is up in May. Be interesting to see what he does.

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      • Just why are we the only ones who are amazed at this? I read nothing about this. I don't get it. This is weird.

        Sandberg is obviously a superstar, granted, and wants to be a role model. But why parade around the country with her book when she knows she is irritating every retail investor in the country ? And while her company stock craters? And she doesn't even talk about why FB is a good investment or a good company for women.

        On the other hand, she has sold a very small % of her shares folks. Anyway, if she leaves a rally is possible as she is bringing nothing to the table in supporting the stock price publicly.

        And I thought Zuck said he would not sell until September?

        Sentiment: Buy

    • She is definitely packing up to leave. You don't release a book to become a lightning rod, sell shares to get liquid and go on a cross country book tour because you can't wait to get to work to make the company a future success. You do that to develop a fact pattern for departure.

      I don't care if she stays or goes because she likely has little impact on the operations but you are right this goes down significantly when that day comes because she has selfishly looked to make herself the story.

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