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  • nobleonetoo Mar 31, 2013 4:17 PM Flag

    Have followed this stock since the first day issued.

    Other than 'hopeful' investors giving their views of 'tomorrow' it will go up or picking ficticious numbers out of the air saying that is what it WILL be - the Company has behaved badly. Law suits huge against FB for the fraudulent way the IPO was first presented - falling values even on record making stock valuations -
    I see no real future unless a miracle happens and CEO finds way to make money on the Company.

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    • This was always a speculative play and clearly the CEO and the COO weren't kidding when they told near term investors to stay away.

      On the objective side, FB has met all revenue expectations, has piles of cash, and huge advantages to defend its turf. Also, they have given so much negative guidance already, only serious investors or speculators are getting in.

      Stock has now settled in at $25-$32 most likely now. Still has a $33 target. After breaking the recent H&S pattern, FB could ride nicely up to $33 or up to $36 if they have a good event tomorrow and beat expectations at the end of the month.

      Even if FB falters, the first bottom of $18 is long gone, and we are now seeing a fairly well supported $25 2nd bottom. The H&S fall to $22 really seems unlikely unless there is a disaster tomorrow. So the downside risk is almost gone now, while the upside could be 100%.

      FB is a good speculative play at $26 up thru earnings.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • When I see venerable rock solid organizations and companies showing up with their own Facebook pages, I begin to think FB is set to do quite well indeed --- A Face book page is more powerful than a web site . The web site sits there like one grain of sand on a beach waiting for discovery --- The Facebook page is dynamic and alive and goes on the hunt --- easier to set up and maintain too! --- these are the early raggedy days for FB.

      I actually don't like using FB --- It is like signing up and inviting a virus in your front door --- I do like the stock though --- it's going to blast off !

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