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  • sm22ray sm22ray Apr 19, 2013 11:46 PM Flag

    Correction, last 50 trading days

    FB actually have only 31 RED days. That's 62% of DOWN days. And also 62% of last 50 trading days, FB closed LOWER than it opened. For the company I believe in, that is a very long period to be terrified. I mean suffering, some times whole day if i watch it at whole time that day. I am telling myself, if I want to live longer ( and have some food on the table ) , I have to sell some of my position and buy something else. Even I had already missed lots opportunities to buy others. That make me real sad too. What is going to happened at 5-1-13 ? I am sleepless.

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    • Recommend Byd at 8 or HL below 3. Currently in BYD at 8.85 IMO BYD sleeper should be 12.Currently stuck with FB and missed opportunities too stuck with dis POS.

    • Yes, I hear you. I don't understand why other investors haven't written to the company or banded together to at least make their voices heard.

      The only solace is that the 1st bottom seems to be $18, the 2nd is $25 despite as much bad news and guidance and they can stuff in. FB completely checked out of supporting the stock price, and appears to bask in its indifference to Wall St and investors. And Sheryl Sandberg, well, she really has been disappointing.

      My guess is that earnings once again will be a let down, with poor guidance for this year. This has become a day trading stock from $25 - $28. The only question is what the bottom is. The H&S failed, and the overall pattern if you had to call one is still C&H. Fascinating. Suggests one day that the stock will still breakout. But it's a story stock near its current bottom. It's a good speculative bet at this price. However some will wait until after earnings because they are familiar with the terrible guidance the stock offers.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • I have discussed this before, and here it goes again: The only thing keeping FB from breaking is all the nonsense of "Come see what we are building" from Zuck. This is the only reason FB hasn't plunged. If these updates haven't been announced, the stock would probably have broken ATL from last year. And every time they announce something new, the reaction from the market is more like "hmmm...okey, but..". Which is what is making the stock kind of consolidate.

        As I mentioned in the other thread, FB is struggling with new ideas and how to make more money from their ads. And everyone knows that mobile is not as lucrative as desktop. Even Google struggles there. Imagine if everyone stopped using desktop version of FB and went over on smartphones. The sales would plunge, because it is harder to sell something on a smaller screen. Yes, I agree that the sales on mobile ads are increasing, but in the same time the desktop sales are decreasing. Also, people are pointing to tablets almost being the same as a desktop. True, but you also have to understand that not everyone has tablets. It may take years before tablets become every household inventory.

        Anyway, we will see from the earnings report what will happen. I am not going to sit with either short or long, because there are so many other things out there to invest in. But, I will keep a close eye on the action.

      • Thanks ,man, I just a little be depressed. That comfort me.

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