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  • somethingsmellslikefish222 somethingsmellslikefish222 May 6, 2013 10:25 AM Flag

    Clearly Barron's article was leaked on Friday

    Shorts piled in and are looking to cover today so be patient.

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    • Probably true. Barron's has a reputation for being negative about stocks. We have to draw our own conclusions about the motivation. As an example, today they are reminding potential buyers of RGR that the stock goes ex dividend soon, and then they go on to mention this typically knocks the stock's price down. Why is this worthy or an article unless to goal is to scare off buyers in what has been a hot sector lately? Who are they serving by such an article? I keep selling covered calls on FB to turn it into a decent dividend stock, even though taxes will be different.

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      • bass9189 May 6, 2013 11:58 AM Flag

        Barron's does have a reputation for writing bearish articles about companies. I don't even read it anymore. Also, the timing of the article is also suspect. One day I read through Barron and there were about ten negative articles about companies. My impression is that they were paid for by short sellers. They were not even worth reading.

      • Agree the Barron's article was largely BS, and nothing that hasn't been said by the shorts a thousand times, and months ago. But it provided an excuse to short today, and that's all the algos need with this stock.

        It is, and has been, very easy to manipulate by a few big players. (Watch the 300k share lots hit and move it around.) You just have to figure out which way they want it to go day today. These guys are selling options and moving the share price around to make sure they expire worthless. So you either have to guess right on these ridiculous short term swings (nothing is different today than Friday and it is 2 percent lower) or just hold longer term. Which is hard to do with a stock this volatile.

        FB is a hard stock to hold. And Wall St. just wants it that way right now.

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