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  • sillymuppets sillymuppets May 9, 2013 1:23 PM Flag

    Hey Muppets: Cooperman is RIGHT

    Have any of you noticed that FB is being used by a rapidly growing number of news publications, digital services like Spotify, etc. as the STANDARD, cross platform authentication gateway? In other words (translation for MuppetNation), people can use Facebook (one user name and password) to access their digital world of media assets and services across brands (many of which are highly competitive). The value of this functionality and potential market dominance can't be understated. Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc. will NEVER have the "Switzerland" credibility to act in this critical technological roll. Facebook is uniquely positioned to have a virtual MONOPOLY on that key roll in the digital media eco-system. IMO, that is not a fad - it is a 100-year+ business and global opportunity.

    Good luck, Muppets.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • In the same way that Youtube has a monopoly on video sharing.

    • Cooperman said they are capable of that level of market cap, not that they were likely to execute with this board, this CEO and this COO.

      I'm sorry, but if I took a senior level MBA student at Harvard and put him in as CEO of this company 6 months ago, and told him that he could run FB, the company would probably already be at $40 a share. The CEO and COO have gone off on their ADHD tangents and causes and just don't care.

      The only recourse investors have is to promptly vote out the board of directors. I can't think of anything any of them has done to promote the stock or the shareholder. Except sell shares. Only Reed Hastings has said anything positive for shareholders.

      For FB investors to re elect this board of directors and allow the pay requests to be authorized is insane. Instead of posting here, investors should start to ask who could run the company and the board in a more shareholder friendly way? The current board and CEO or ANYONE ELSE !!??

      Sentiment: Hold

    • OMG this guy is older than dirt watch the video on CNBC. After watching it you may start to wonder who the MUPPETS really are... I think they are the ones that take technology advice from Leon Cooperman.... Holy Cow I am still laughing.... This is where it is at now... 70 somehtings making bullish calls on FB.... LOL LOL LOL!!!

    • aarondietric May 9, 2013 1:37 PM Flag

      Yep, exactly. Only thing that can take this stock down is no access to the internet.

      FB will will one day come out with their own IP Protocols, except there "Internet" will be much more valuable, because it's real. We are real. People.

      As a US citizen, I am honored that an American company now controls the recorded history of humankind in every language, and in every part of the world. Mark will get China, it's his mission - to make the world more open and connected. It's hard to do that mission missing 1 billion people.

      1st Trillion$ Co here. $15bil in assets...and counting. Watch the ESP BEAT every quarter from here on out.

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      • Oh, really? Based on what? Just what evidence, or even faint hint, have we ever seen that this company is capable of innovating beyond its initial concept, or finding creative ways of capitalizating on its large user base without driving people away, much less develop ground-breaking new technology and leverage their social networking infrastructure to induce its widespread adoption?

        None whatsover. This company reminds me so much of RIMM. A one-trick pony with no culture of innovation that soars high due to dominance of a single narrow market niche with the one big idea the company ever produced, convincing wide-eyed fools to throw money at it on faith that it will *somehow* figure out a way to leverage its large customer base to achieve great things, until more creative and versatile competitors eventually invade its niche and make it not even the best option in the only thing it's capable of doing.

        5 years ago I put a lot of time and effort trying to get the idiots on the RIMM board to understand that the company had already peaked at the time it was being hyped the most and was headed to oblivion. Most of the vocal bulls there were too stubborn to listen to reason, and look what happened to them. The stock was trading in the 120's and 130's at the time, Now it sells for 15 bucks. Went down to 6 last summer, and it's heading back there.

        The main difference between that stock and this one is that smart money knew to stay out of this one to begin with, so even the potential to get rich on the Greater Fool Theory that existed with RIMM never materialized.

        What kind of loser buys into a stock that's broken from the day it begins trading??

      • "we"???? f you. i am not you. FB is a Myspace equivalent. No one wants to tag your ugly face.

      • And it's fairly easy to imagine a future where Facebook holds biometric data (voice, etc.) to help power digital services powering televisions, etc. IF FB becomes THE trusted authentication brand, then, yes, this company could be as valuable (potentially more valuable, IMO) than Google. Search is a commodity. Maps are a commodity. Authentication is a MONOPOLY. FB is not about a bunch of kids texting each other over the long term.

      • Nice that you are back Aaron. Just a coincidence that the stock is up ;). Hey you wrote FB will have a $500 billion market cap by 2017. Let's get to $500 billion first before we start talking a $1 Trillion market cap. #JustKeepingYouHonestBro

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