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  • stockmarketstar stockmarketstar May 24, 2013 1:39 PM Flag

    How long can the scam continue?

    Till all the insiders have made enough money to sit on a sandy beach the rest of their lives and let you eat the crumbs of there scam. All the directors they hired were scam artist in the past showing them how to do it.

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    • This is really a group of shorts pulling the scam here. The FBI really should be looking into the recent trading activities of this stock. The market cap is not an excuse for engaging in short and distort scams. In that case, pump and dump scam artists should be able to say they don't like the market cap of a small while spreading rumors to their friends, manipulating stock price and sending massive emails to investors telling to buy the stock to gain from their actions. This is just the inverse of this . They are sending massive emails telling investors not to buy the stock or short it, spreading negative rumors via the media and manipulating the stock price down. The FBI would shut them down in the first case and put someone in jail ( like the market cap or not ) but they are allowed to get away with the inverse in the second case.

      Should be interesting to see how ad revenues trended this quarter.

    • DUDE--WHY are U LONG if you are AWARE??? I'm up $6K today alone! If you see the scam, then PLAY the scam! Yer NOT from New Jersey! are you?

      Sentiment: Sell

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