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  • ohhmylord ohhmylord May 24, 2013 3:08 PM Flag

    So what caused FB to go from $29 to $24 in 2 weeks?

    Was earnings that bad? But if that's the case, why did the stock rally the day after earnings?

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    • Waze deal failure killed FB. Big investors wanted that deal so bad that they are punishing FB for not making it...

    • Good question! The answer is that Zackerburg is not in this for the money... He doesn't care and he hired a lady who's worst than him...writing a book...

    • facebook phone htc first flop

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      • It is obvious that those in charge of FB are stupid and they use their stupidity by our money. Look at Yahoo for example: it was in very bad shape for a long time. Then, the employed a woman who turned around the company and its stock. I really believe and suggest all of us sell this junk and leave to the owner. There is no chance for improvement as long as this boy in in charge.

    • The stealth lockup expire of FB 48 million shares on May 18th ,combined with the Google / Facebook war on Waze rumor are the reason behind the slide of the stock price last week.

    • FB gets pounded everyday by the media - it's a hated company - but Zuckerburg sits there silently and takes it - who the heck will buy the stock when all they hear is bad news and bad publicity - even though most of it wrong - but again - FB management sits there and takes it - never corrects it.

      It can't go up in that kind of environment!

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      • turnermuseum May 27, 2013 10:53 PM Flag

        As a value investor in the Sir John Templeton mold, I only realized a few days ago that FB is the emperor in the fairy tale about the Emperor's New Clothes when a child cries out: HE HAS NO CLOTHES ON. The PER is shockingly high, Google puts it at 2,000, TWO THOUSAND+, Yahoo FIVE HUNDRED+!!! There of course is no cash dividend. Where on earth is the bottom? = 20, even 10 ???? or less? =

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • I really don't think the company is focused on short run fluctuations stock price. It will take time to deal with people who try to raid the stock price to steal from shareholder's accounts. I am sure Mark and the company will deal with it soon. People or investigators have to get the facts first. If something is going on, he will not likely comment on it.

    • And here is one more thing to think about.......FB is strapped for cash if you ask me, because it is competing with the likes of Google.

      Why do you think Google came in and assumed that it would Bid for Waze???? Because it is all strategic. But you guys don't think about strategy. You think of the next cool page feature.

      Google can buy Waze just to stick it in FB face! And then not even use the app. They have cash like that to take on these type of strategies.

      Or they can just bid and raise the bid price, forcing Facebook to over pay, thus impeding it fro taking on other initiatives.

      But you didn't hear it from me! Its all common sense.

    • Nothing caused this stock to go from 29 to 24. No earnings, no revenue, no guidance. Nothing to justify a price of $29 per share, or for that matter a price of $10 per share.

    • People who were waiting for earning s bump got it and started selling on any upside, hence why it was very short lived - too much downward pressure.

      Please don't tell me you believe earnings were good. Let me ask you something, do you really believe in the FB management team??? I mean think about this. The CEO of a $60 billion company is a 26 year old whom never worked in management. He believes hat he can tinker with things in his little hub and the profits will magically appear. Look at Facebook Home! What a disaster. It was cancelled in Europe.

      And don't get me started on the COO. I cannot stand her with her pimping her book while the company is in shambles! (Don't own FB - for disclosure). It just angers me that she is not focised on the firm and instead is more focused on her self promotion and political career.

      Not to mention all the top talent that has left once they cashed in. That is all they were waiting. In my opinion, these employees left with their pockets full to venture into their own star-ups.

      You want innovative, think Google and Apple. You want strategic deal maker, think John Malone. These guys have been here a long time making money left and right for shareholders.

      Now ask your self the question again.....Would you throw money into a company run by a 26 year old, and a mommy on tour promoting a book while you tards sit back and continue to loose money?

    • A group of shorts started on it about 3 weeks ago. They started posting negative reports via the media about everything from the user base to the market cap. They also would not let the shares recover by piling on and turn around trades. They used blogs and emails to tell investors not to buy the the stock and short it. They are also piling onto it with negative reports and shorted or quick turn shares to get the price down. It does not even appear that they are holding on to their short positions for long ( naked shorting). Some are just trying to make money on puts only These activities are impacting the buy side and the stock price.

      Note: They are not holding onto to the short positions because they are afraid of being push by longs. I call it chicken trading of the stock. They do a lot of talk but they will not hold the positions..

    • Pump and dump classic trade action. FB is owned and operated by the big banks and hedgie trading desks.

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