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  • smallcapthinkingcap smallcapthinkingcap Jun 7, 2013 10:55 AM Flag

    This stock is worth between 18-20 a share.

    Q1 numbers suck and Q2 will suck as user engagement is actually down. Half my friends hardly go on fb anymore.

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    • so 2 of your friends left ?

    • It's a good thing we have you here to tell us what the stock is worth. So $3-5 downside. Got it, thanks.

    • Obviously it's worth $23.32 right now. Not that I find that ANY value is brought by this leadership at this point. They are suppressing the stock by at least 20% with their foolish and careless spending, stock practices, and self indulgent agendas.

      Folks like the COO and CFO should know better. The antipathy built up against FB is not going away.

      Your point makes little sense though. The company has met all its revenue estimates, and the bottom number for the IPO was $27. Internally the stock was set at $29 for employees, and the IPO premium was obviously excessive. But it's worth 5x bv, since it has no debt, a moat in its area, and the potential to challenge GOOG YHOO LNKD if they had people who actually knew what they were doing.

      Now that they have all this money they are spending on themselves, their pet projects, data centers, etc. Silly and foolish since shareholders will never trust this company ever again with this mgmt. And so fruitless to spend and spend when the company has a sinking stock price and gaffe after 1st year gaffe.

      Who thinks FB is building some time machine or teleportation device? They sell ad space, and it's on smaller and smaller devices that will be more and more intrusive. They are in a delusionary mode. They need a consultant to come in and give them a reality check since the board is obviously too weak to do so.

      Sad sad sad. This is what is wrong with Wall Street. People without a conscience or common decency. It would not set back the company's mission to throw shareholders a bone. But there is such dislike disregard disrespect for shareholders that this is the anti public company. I don't care if FB goes to $1000 someday, they have shown no compassion or interest in their investors. One day they may need something and they'll realize they should have paid more attention to how people like Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger and Howard Schultz talk to and show respect shareholders.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Don't care what you think it's worth...Facebook will be at $40 a share by EOY based on having a billion people; which will lead to a cash cow in ad revenues!!!

      Mark this post, Facebook will flirt with their IPO price come January 2014!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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