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  • bigrobeight bigrobeight Jun 11, 2013 2:21 AM Flag

    More Worthless Upgrades

    Now let's add Stifel Nicolaus and JP Morgan to the list

    Jefferies & Co , BMO , S&P , Goldman , Stifel Nicolaus and JP Morgan

    6 upgrades in a week and a half .... based on what ?

    Based on technicals ?

    Based on fundamentals ?

    Not one of these upgrades is based upon anything that could remotely be construed
    as substantive .

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    • Okay , so now we add , RBC Capital ,Topeka and UBS to
      Jefferies & Co , BMO , S&P , Goldman , Stifel Nicolaus and JP Morgan

      That's NINE absolutely WORTHLESS upgrades in a months time .... PLUS ....
      the always infamous , " Come see what we're building " , announcement .

      Facebook is [ by far ] the most pumped stock I've ever seen .

      PATHETIC !

    • You are ab-so-lutely correct! And this stock might rise for days and days based on this non-sense. But woe to the in-attentive investor at that point! It will set the stage for correction number THREE! When it is propped up to $28+ onto a pedistal by nothing other than these brokerage-house con artists, and AGAIN comes toppling to where it should be. Like some bilous Humpty Dumpty.

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