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  • bagholder11 bagholder11 Jun 12, 2013 2:26 PM Flag

    Only the stupidest investors are in FB

    the ONLY reason to ever buy this stock is to hope to scalp a few cents and sell when you see something on the ultra short term chart. this company is still valued at $57 billion?!?!?! chop it by 80% and I might start to be interested, although based on the whereabouts of Myspace, i'm pretty sure this company and its products are a flash in the pan and may not even exist in 5 years. what a bunch of SUCKERS you are, who buy this #$%$. hey Institutions, YOU TOO! i will NEVER put my hard earned money in any institution that holds this #$%$. SELL, SELL, SELL!!!!!

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    • There are many very smart investors who got into this stock long before the IPO. They are selling now for a huge gain. Those who purchased at the end of January until now have been the unfortunate folks.

    • The ONLY reason why institutions buy this stock is to intentionally LOSE MONEY! To wreck our retirement income and keep the COMMON MAN--And his HIERS--DOWN! No empowered person has his retirement account is a 401K fund that would think of even TOUCHING FB shares! This is the current GROUPON!

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