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  • sailing_carioca sailing_carioca Jun 19, 2013 5:43 PM Flag

    Time for Zuckerburg to grow up or step down.

    Showing up to meet with the head of Samsung, one of the largest corporations on earth, dressed in a hoodie, is a mark of immaturity at best, and disrespect at the most. Having worked much of my career in Asia, face is an important negotiating tool. You show respect in a business environment by dressing appropriately for the situation. A hoodie is not appropriate. If Zuckerburg really wants to be taken seriously, he needs to act like a grownup, not a college student.

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    • you're so right.....he needs to stick to business fundamentals, particularly in asia......after all, we can't expect him to do anything more learn a second or third

    • You are correct. Zuckerberg should have worn a suit for--of ALL people--a middle aged Asian businessman. Those who contradict you are either apologists, self-interested ameliorators, or idiots.

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    • aarondietric Jun 20, 2013 12:33 AM Flag

      I'd say Zuck is grown up! He showed up to meet with the head of "one of the largest corporations".

      Zuck's "hoodie" is a part of his brilliance. This is him, his brand, it's who "Zuck" is.
      He doesn't need to wear a "monkey suit". Remember the IPO? This was "Zuck" saying..."Hey, this is me, I'm not fake, like it or leave it"

      Now, would he meet our President, South Korea's President, and ALL the other foreign dignitaries in a hoodie? No, he hasn't, and he won't.

      One of the biggest mistakes of my life was becoming friends with a banker. We got to know each other outside of business and he saw who I was. I showed up once seeking a loan, and when I walked into his office with a suit, he said "That's not you. Come back when you're in the room".

      Until you 'get' facebook, it's culture and its leader, you should stop talking.

    • Agree. The hoodie is not appropriate. There is time and place for everything. Hugh Hefner wore pajamas, but I highly doubt he wore pajamas at a business meeting. Zucker is just disrespectful, like most young American kids today.

    • Ever stop to think that in a sense, the hoodie IS his suit. Facebook has 1.1 BILLION users because Mark Zuckerberg embraced the internet and the power of its reach like no other. Why does everyone want him to conform to some old way of doing business?

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    • Maybe that's his way of being modest and congenial.

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